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  1. Hi. Where can I find the documentation on how the admin folder is excluded? I've looked through the readme file and it's not there. I've also looked through SEO-G files and didn't find where you added the codes for the admin folder... Would really appreciate if you can point out what files need to be edited and what to look for. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi Mark, I'm not generating links from sub-folders. I'm trying to find a way to exclude folders and their contents from being generated by SEO-G. thanks!
  3. Hi here's the link: sorry, made a mistake.. it's not a contribution. I know this is probably not a good idea, but I edited the seo_exclude.php to include the affiliates folder instead and it seems to work fine... I added this code: $dir2 = dir(DIR_FS_CATALOG . "/affiliates/"); while ($script = $dir2->read()) { if( strlen($script) < 5 || substr($script, -4, 4) != '.php') continue; $script_text = "affiliates/".$script; $scripts_array[strtolower($script)] = array( 'id' => $script, 'text' => $script_text ); } $dir2->close();
  4. We are using a H4H Affiliate Program contribution...
  5. Hi, yes its a physical affiliates folder. or news.html in SEO-G. and the affiliates/index.html redirects to the main index page.
  6. the G-report shows from news.php to news.html but when I click on the link, it just shows an empty page. And I can't find the news.php or the other files under the affiliates folder in the G-Exclude Page
  7. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have gzip compression in the configuration but it's not on. This is not really a big problem though as it works fine if I make SEO-G XML Compress to False. For the affiliate pages, I've tried deleting all the G-Reports, my browser cache, history, then restarting the page. can be found on G-Reports but when I click on it, it still doesn't show anything on the page. Is there anyway to include the affiliate pages or other added pages/folders not part of OSCommerce in the G-Exclude Files?
  8. Hi Mark, got SEO-G working now but encountered 2 problems. First is the google sitemap. If SEO-G XML Compress is true, when I download the XML file in the G-Report, it gives me an error when I extract the zip file. Error: goggle_sitemap.xml.gz: Unexpected end of archive google_sitemap.xml.gz: CRC failed in google_sitemap.xml. The file is corrupt. If SEO-G XML Compress is false, the file works fine when I download it. The second problem is the affiliate program. We have an affiliate page and in the Reports section, we can see that it changes the URL from php to html but when I click on, the page is blank. And in the G-Exclude, I can't find the scripts/files from the affiliate folder to exclude... Is there a way to exclude these files?
  9. Oh, I see! I edited the <base> in index.php and it now works. Thanks a lot for the help and this great module!! :)
  10. Here's a link to the products: I didn't change anything in configure.php and this is what I have in my .htaccess file: #-MS- SEO-G Added Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On # Next line must be changed to match your osCommerce folder - the relative path RewriteBase /dev/ RewriteRule ^(.*).html$ root.php?$1.html&%{QUERY_STRING} #-MS- SEO-G Added EOM
  11. I found where the bug was... turns out I've edited the new_products.php and product_listing.php before and added the product name to the URL. After I deleted it, the SEO-G worked :) I also changed the separator to "/" and got The only problem now is when I go to the product.html, all the images are gone because it links to instead of Any solution to this? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I don't think we have any other SEO module. Can you tell me where I can check that? The SEO-G generates links like right??
  13. Hi, first off, thanks for this great module. I've just finished installing it and it works fine but just curious if the link is supposed to be like this: I thought the SEO-G was suppose to generate URLs like The categories and other pages works fine: or aboutus.html but when I click on the product, it gives me the link above. How do I change this? I've looked through the ReadMe file and the admin configurations but don't know where to edit this and if it's possible. In the G-Controller, I've already added all the products and categories. In the G-Types, I've also change the sort order to 3,2,1 like what was recommended in the readme.html though I don't see any difference. Any help would really be great!
  14. Hi Thanks! Found it at last! I'm now able to buy gift vouchers, and confirm it via the gift voucher queue. Only problem is when I login to my account to send the voucher to friends, I can't click on the shopping cart coz it's empty! So I buy a product but when I arrive at the payment option, there's only a "Tick to use Gift Voucher account" in the page but no send gift voucher. Where can I download the add-on for the my account?
  15. Hi, Ok, thanks, I'll look for the add-on for the my account page. As for the shopping cart, I didn't find any send vouchers. When I click on checkout, I'm directed to the delivery info, then the payment info with a redeem gift or coupons voucher then the confirmation page and finish page... nothing about sending coupons to friends... As for the vouchers in queue, I didn't find where I can put the model number either or the enable downloads... In the admin section under Vouchers/Coupons I have: - Coupon Admin - Gift Voucher Queue - Mail Gift Voucher - Gift Vouchers sent In the coupon admin, I created a coupon with name GIFT_1, but nothing happened... am I missing something?