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    Basic Design Pack Support

    I love the contrib, I've been using it for a couple of years. Recently I made a big change to my site. As I said, I like the contrib, but my store has so many boxes and so much information that it really looks cluttered at 800px. Personally I'm not a big fan of the small box format that is so popular since web2.0. I know some of my customers reach me via a PDA, so I didn't want to make it larger, at least all the time. I installed this stylesheet switcher java script: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex9/...eetswitcher.htm I put the styleswitcher in put it in header.php, I also pulled the oscommerce.gif file out of the box and put it above the switcher so that it doesn't get affected by the resize. Now my customers can choose 800, 1024, or 1200px widths. Check it out, my store is www.bayoucables.com
  2. noahvale

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    A big thanks to Glen for all the hard work on this. Mine works perfectly. One thing that was bugging me was having to click on the boxes to choose refresh rate and to show the customers. I added the refresh rate and customer toggle to /admin/includes/filenames.php: define('FILENAME_WHOS_ONLINE', 'whos_online.php?refresh=120&show=cust'); Change as needed..
  3. noahvale

    Success! godaddy + ssl + auth.net(AIM)

    I just got mine working. The only problem I was having was solved by this tip. My host is HostGator.com and I am using GoDaddy's SSL certificate. I have not upgraded to the new RC1, but it's running fine on my much modified store. Thanks!
  4. noahvale

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Anyone know how to add bot names so that it will recognize them? I added a bunch in the line that says botnames, but the only one that is being called a bot is googlebot. Thanks.
  5. noahvale

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Great work Glen! Mine now works perfectly. Thanks.
  6. noahvale

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    From /includes/application_top.php: 'PROJECT_VERSION', 'osCommerce 2.2-MS2'); When I click on "Profile Display: All" I get this: osCsid: c0b6a1bfac6770145115d3758582f6f3 I have lot's of contribs installed and most of them I have tweaked. I did a lot of work on how invoices and packing slips are handled on my own. But again, the cart contents were shown in detail with the original Who's Shopping. Thanks.
  7. noahvale

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I installed the lastest version today. Lots of nice features! But... I get no listing of user's carts. Even the plain stock version did that. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.
  8. noahvale

    USPS internationl shipping no longer works

    I'm having the same problem. I installed the update on the 14th. Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. noahvale

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    That looks like a great way to integrate orders. I can't use it as my server does not allow remote access to the mysql database. I updated the xml_generate2.php file so that it writes the output to the /admin/dazzle/ directly and then displays the file name on your browser screen so that you can download it directly to your DAZzle xml import directly. I added the file to the contribution.
  10. noahvale

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    I did a little research and found out how to write the .xml file to the dazzle directory in my store. Then I just ftp it to my DAZzle xml directory. I added the updated file to the contribution. Anyone know how to write a file directly to your local hard drive from php?
  11. noahvale

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    It was pretty easy to mod it to import both the customers email and phone number. Now sending the ship confirmation email is automatic. I'm loving dazzle. If time is money, it's paying for itself rapidly. Here's the mod: In xml_generate2.php look at the bottom where it is echoing all the fields for dazzle. Just before echo " </Package>\n"; Add these lines: echo " <ToEmail>{$row['customers_email_address']}</ToEmail>\n"; echo " <ToPhone>{$row['customers_telephone']}</ToPhone>\n"; That's it. Now I just have to figure out how to make it actually write the .xml file in the dazzle directory. Doesn't sound too hard, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  12. noahvale

    Contribution Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping

    I just got the dazzle trial account and installed this contrib. It works great, but there are a couple of tweaks that I needed to do in the index.php file. The default number of lines outputed is 5, and supposedly it will do multiple pages of output. It only did one page for me. I changed that to 50 and it worked well. It is set to only import pending orders, which is orders_status != '3'"; (in two places in the code) Changing this to orders_status != '2'"; will change it to all 'processing' orders. Changing this to orders_status != '1'"; will change it to all orders ever placed. I my store, that was 362 customers, so I changed the number of lines to 400. It worked fine. I only had to do this once to get all my customers imported, so afterwards I put everything back to default. Now the only thing is doesn't do that I REALLY need it do is export the email address of the customers. That's on my todo list, who needs sleep anyway? :'(