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  1. Peak

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Just one attribute possible hi there I have installed osCommerce 2.2RC1 with STS 4.5, latest AJAX Attribute Manager and Attribute Sort Copier. Attribute Manager works great, as long as AM_USE_SORT_ORDER is false. As soon as AM_USE_SORT_ORDER is set to true, i just can add one attribute to a new product. I can add the first attribution and as soon is I try to add the second, the first is deleted and the new one is added. If it is an existing product, it all works great. Any Idea? Geetz Peak
  2. Peak

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    getElement(id) has no properties Hi there I've just installed the contribution. It looks great but it does not work properly. If I add an attribute to a product and would like to add a second, i can not set a price. I get de following error in Firefox Error Log: getElement(id) has no properties http://..../admin/attributeManager/javascript/attributeManager.js on line 17 could some one please hel me? I realy would like to use this contribution. THX a lot. Peak
  3. could an admin please delete this post? thx sry for it