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  1. Pizelli

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    ok so , here's the thing I didn't import the seo_g.sql :sweating: hehe.. :-"
  2. Pizelli

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    Hello enigma1, Thanks for this very nice n' nifty contribution! :thumbsup: But! Here's what I'm experiencing: I've uploaded all of your files - Ver.1.14, and changed my .htacess and this is what I'm experiencing: 1146 - Table 'mydatabase.seo_url' doesn't exist select seo_url_get from seo_url where seo_url_org = 'http://www.xxxx.xxxxxx.com/index.php' [TEP STOP] And when I go to my admin area and click on the SEO-G>SEO-G Configuration there is absolutely nothing there. Just Title Value Action When I click on G-Types this comes up: 1146 - Table 'mydatabase.seo_types' doesn't exist select at.* from seo_types at order by at.sort_order [TEP STOP] And similarly for the rest. The good news is that in Configuration>My store -> Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development) false And in Sessions -> Prevent Spider Sessions True are ok. So.. what should I do? - I'm no php expert but my not-so spidey senses suggest doing something to the database. - Add something. - But I don't know :unsure: Thanks a bunch
  3. Hello Razorx3d, you need to change your varchar(32) to varchar(255) in categories_description in your phpmyadmin. Hope this helps - It didn't help me though :(