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  1. Hello, Is there a way to dump my entire oscommerce catalog to my ebay store? i have like 500 products now and it will take forever to do it by hand!. thanks
  2. Astawerksdotcom

    [Contribution] All In One FCK WYSIWYG Editor

    ok never mind. i have it working now but when i view the product in the catalog it messes up the format on the entire page? is there a way to correct that? i have a customer template and everything s wrong my site is http://www.astawerks.com if you want to see
  3. Astawerksdotcom

    [Contribution] All In One FCK WYSIWYG Editor

    This is still not working for me. I followed everything correctly. The box just does not appear. Here is the page source in firefox td class="main" valign="top">Products Description:</td> <td><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td class="main" valign="top"><img src="/includes/languages/english/images/icon.gif" border="0" alt="English" title=" English "> </td> <td class="main"><div><input type="hidden" id="products_description[1]" name="products_description[1]" value="Pr that is what i see when i look at categories.php where is input type hidden coming from?
  4. Astawerksdotcom

    [Contribution] buySAFE module for osCommerce

    I just installed this mod today and it works fine until i get to the checkout_confirmation page. Under the total i see "learn more about buysafe" and thats it no buttons and buysafe is not total into the total there. Please help!
  5. Astawerksdotcom

    Entire store on sale

    I am looking for a mod that will put every item in my store on sale. Does one line this exist? i would like to have a sale for this weekend. everything 5% off Thanks
  6. Astawerksdotcom

    PayPal Orders Not Showing in Admin Area

    i had this problem before. did you install the paypal ipn module? if not then do it !
  7. Astawerksdotcom

    Easiest way to migrate to a new template

    do you have any tools that you can recommend ?
  8. I am thinking about installing a new template on my site. Is there an easy way to migrate with out loosing any SEO work or my google placements?
  9. Astawerksdotcom

    Product Tabs

    Hello, I installed the contrib product tabs http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ry,3/search,fck and everything was installed correctly . the only problem is that the javascript does not want to work on the catalog end. take a look at my site www.astawerks.com i have the product tabs contrib installed and it is not working. on the admin end it works fine. Can someone please help me with this. I also installed the ajax search and ajax shopping card. Those do not work either? is javascript turned off somewhere? thanks BTW I am using firefox I also tried it with IE and no luck.
  10. Hello I am looking for a module that will alow me to do this. I charge my US customers a flat rate of $10. International customers have to e-mail me or call me and we make arrangements that way. Is there a module that will allow international customers to have their shipment calculated at checkout and US customers to just get the flat $10 rate? That way their is no slowdown and everyone can have a quick checkout. Thanks JB http://www.astawerks.com
  11. Astawerksdotcom


    I tried that with discount coupons it still does not work
  12. Astawerksdotcom

    Seach Engine Friendly URL Support

    turn off use search engine friendly URL's in your site settings. The one that comes by default with OSC.
  13. Astawerksdotcom

    Google Checkout Coupons

    Hello, Does anyone know how to use coupons with google checkout? I use GC all the time with no problem. I how ever would like to be able to use the coupons option. Can this been done? Thanks
  14. Astawerksdotcom

    Looking for a product list contrib

    thats it thank you very much
  15. Hello, I am looking for a contrib which will allow the product listing to have multiple tabs. Eg. overview, features, specs etc. is there anything out there that can do this? take a look at this website here for an example of what I am trying to do http://voskypartner.com/exchange4080/product.html thanks alot Doug