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    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Yup - quite right - and now having used it for real a few times - it's perfectly logical and better that way. Top Banana Chris. Cheers, Paul
  2. scotspaul

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi Chris, This is a great contribution - thank you for your effort and your support on this board. I have a wee undocumented feature - as noted by ogg2k: Enter a tracking number without making any other change on your orders page, click update, and you get "Warning: Nothing to change. The order was not updated.". I realise that testing in this case doesn't equal reality and we'd be changing the status while entering the tracking number so all would be well. But I thought that you may be a clever enough bunny to iron that out sometime between eating / sleeping / real job. Also - to solve the error "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent" in catalogue\includes\languages\english\tracking_module.php you need to trim the white space before <?php and after ?> in that file. Thanks again, Paul
  3. scotspaul

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    I found the same with the Royal Mail tracker too - I went to Modules > Tracking and uninstalled, reinstalled and it works fine.