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    RSS Feed contribution support thread

    Hello This feed can parse html tags? I'm asking you because i try to add oscommerce feed into another site (who accept html tags from rss, i have several other feeds enabled) but all i can see it's html code. This is my feed: http://www.mallromania.ro/rss.php This is how it's look into my other site: http://www.socio.ro/anunturi-calculatoare-...gb-t1069.0.html Thanks
  2. I try to find answer to my question using search function but i receive too many results (maybe because english is not my native language) so i'm asking you here: how can i add a new field into easypopulate? I add imageurl field into database, it's working fine using admin area (add/edit) but i can't use it with easyopulate, no insert or update was made. Of course, i try to add this new field into admin/easypopulate.php queries but no success, i miss something.... Unfortunately, i can't attach my file here so please tell me what lines to edit to add this field Thanks
  3. Ok, i found if i switch to my other language (romanian in my case, who is set as default but for some reason my browser still use english language ) i can see all products :) Now..how can i do to see them in english part also?
  4. thanks for your response. each product have it's own unique product model
  5. Hello I read some posts from this thread but can't find an answer to my problem: So, what i did: clean up database, then start to upload my products; new product! message appear but at bottom of report "No products_model field in record. This line was not imported" also appear. I try again, thinking that no product was imported: now i receive Update product! message and of course, "No products_model field in record. This line was not imported"??. I check my database, all products are imported, all categories was added on the fly, everything it's ok...but i can't see my categories/products in admin :) Looking at fronpage of my site (www.mallromania.com) i can see prices for my products but nothing else? Of course, products are Active.. P.S: it's ok to add images as link to supplier page? I mean, he give me a list of products including links to products images but i don't know how to use this. I add links into image field but it's not ok.. Thanks