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  1. PrettyPink

    Does this contribution exist?

    IMO Vendors need login into the admin area only. There is an option that gives different levels of login admin ... won't that be good?
  2. ok .. got it :) the complete path is: /usr/local/apache/domlogs/<fulldomainname> e.g., /usr/local/apache/domlogs/domain.com found this needle from the haystack on forums.cpanel.net HTH
  3. Well, I was getting the same errors as usmanaa has said, but then I went to forums.cpanel.net and found that the path to raw log files is /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ I put that in *Keyword Show (absolute path to your logfile)* in the admin side of osCommerce. Now the error warnings are not coming, but still, there are no log reports. It is plainly visible that I have not put in the raw access log file name ...but my telnet/ssh/cpanel file manager do not show the clickable path to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ .. I wonder what file name to put in Pls. help asap
  4. PrettyPink


    Hi jackal! You will do well do instead use CCGV (Credit Class Gift Voucher) contribution. It can generate a unique reference number/code that is time-limited (defined by you) .. so your fliers can be put to more effective use. HTH PP
  5. PrettyPink

    support ticket system

    Ok ... got it (half of it) had to include // Include OSC-TICKET require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'ticket_application_top.php'); in admin/includes/application_top.php However, the need to be able to add links to all the admin function pages for ticket administration remains valid. Looking forward, PP
  6. PrettyPink

    support ticket system

    I have installed the Ticket Support system by Henri .. it works fine on the catalog end .. but the following problems exist: 1. There are no links posted to be included in the menu of the admin side .. we have to open the ticket admin pages by directly typing page urls related to ticket system. 2. The following error msg shows up when I type .../admin/ticket_reply.php on my browser Ticket Reply Action 1146 - Table 'owner_templates.TABLE_TICKET_REPLY' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from TABLE_TICKET_REPLY where ticket_language_id = '1' [TEP STOP] What gives?
  7. When I add meta's to a particular product through the Edit Boxes in the edit product section of the admin tool, I get this strange error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function: clean_html_comments() in /home/osskins/public_html/includes/header_tags.php on line 79
  8. PrettyPink

    file download or form printing

    That's not the right answer! ... ssbn was asking for sites using this contrib.
  9. ok ... let me clearly summarise the problem for everyone, hoping linda will answer it in the same vein: There are two (confusing) variables to be defind in the Download Controller (Admin side) : 1. Download Controller Update Status Value 2. Download Controller Order Status Value The Readme file does not clearly show what each would mean. Please clarify asap. Taking a practical scenario: I change the orders_status settings as follows (using phpMyAdmin): [1] Received, Verification Due [2] Being Manually Verified [3] Awaiting Funds Transfer [4] Declined [5] Approved Then, I enable Credit Card Payment Module and let it set the order status to [1] Received, Verification Due Now, when a customer orders a downloadable product, he should *not* be getting a download link on the checkout success page, right? Secondly, when I update the orders status in the admin side to [5] Approved, only then the download link should be shown in the My Account / View Order section, right? Now, to let these functions show up rightly in the transaction process, which all settings should be given to the two variables (as given above) : 1. Download Controller Update Status Value 2. Download Controller Order Status Value Any help will be most appreciated. Rgds PP
  10. PrettyPink

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    I was up and around 3 nights to get this great mod working .. don't remember the steps myself now ... lol :P I will track back the course and write something as a step by step thingie for everyone. Dreamscape, the problem is that the latest mod's readme misses many lines of help that were found alright in version 1 of your impressive mod. I make a dought out of all the versions' help text and then roasted it in my mind for a while to get that working alright. Whatever, this is a gr8 mod and deserves aplomb. PP
  11. PrettyPink


    Here's one problem and one solution My Problem : Yeah, Ian's SID killer code is fine, but *Change Buy Now Button to Forms* is a problem ... products don't get added to shopping cart from the product listing pages. At least in the MS2 of osC 2.2. Is anyone having a solution to this? My Solution (to the issue in this thread): You say that SID gets added from page http://www.traderscart.com/product_info.php?products_id=42 (when it goes to shopping cart) right? Well, try seflt contribution and this should be resolved. Rgds PP
  12. standard SID killer with MS2 isn't much good I guess .. doesn't it rely on a pre defined set of IP addresses? And who knows how often the IPs of spiders would change. By the time you add IPs, the damage would have already been done. Just my 2c Yes, some official announcement must follow here. PP