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    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    As I wrote the front-end part was mostly re-written. There isn't a file to modify or a line to change. We could consider it as a new module for the front-end. We have no plans, right now, to release that part and the back-office is as-is. - Andrea
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    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Thank you for the appreciation Nico. The original source was ccc, but we modified it quite a bit to make it work as we wanted. First of all the layout of the entire site is completely different from a standard osC installation so the original templates for CCC were modified. We also added a number of features to make it more compelling such as automatic image zoom (EACH component has a thumbnail and a bigger image), automatic price update when you choose a different item. We also added a feature so that when you customize a PC and add it to the cart, you may go back and change the configuration. We are very proud of the final outcome of the customization protocol. As I said the base was CCC, but we eventually changed most of the layout and added a number of functionalities.