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  1. SimonWard

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Currently receving this error when updating or creating a new page. ( However this only happens if the page has a hyperlink within) 403 Forbidden Forbidden You cannot access this website at this time, please go to http://www.*********.info the **** is the domain.. This has only happened when a check and repair has been done on the database? Simon
  2. SimonWard

    [Contribution] Mindsparx admin

    Hi, I have installed the mindsparx admin and think its great, however there are a few little things i want to do.. Firstly, on the orders area, i want this to only show orders that are pending? Secondly, i would like the customers area to show say 10 customers newest at the top? Any ideas? Code that someone could supply? Simon
  3. SimonWard

    CSS Menu

    Does anyone know how to change the script so that it generates the links required for the categories with https rather than just http... Its getting quite annoying when i enter the site and i have to click yes or no due to the allow unsecure items. Cheers
  4. SimonWard

    Purchase Without Account Problem

    im getting this!! anyone help? Simon
  5. SimonWard

    All Manufacturers

    Hello all, I have had a bit of trouble with the following contrib All Manufacturers The contrib works great, but i thought i would be able to edit it so that instead of displaying the manufacturers products, but it went to the manufacturers website instead in a new window. Can anyone help? Simon
  6. SimonWard

    Product Description 1.3

    Hiya, Been looking at this contrib. Trying to see whether it will do what i need it to do. I am making a store for model trains, however i would need to add what scale it is and have this listing in the products list. However i would prefer to have it within a column, but if not then i could just use this and have it showing under neath the product name in the listings? Hmm...
  7. SimonWard

    [Support] Category Fields

    Does anyone know the code to stop all the content of product_info.php shifting over to the left when there is no image? Simon
  8. SimonWard

    Low Stock Report v2.0

    Ignore that last post, ended up just having to change the file format from mac to unix and upload the class.php file the same directory as the stats_low_stock.php file. Simon
  9. SimonWard

    Low Stock Report v2.0

    Tried to install the latest version, but there is no saying where the stats_low_stock_class.php file goes knor how to install it. Simon