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  1. pony88

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hi, Can anybody point me in the direction of a working version of this contribution? I currently have a pc builder (dont think its this one) on my site but it was installed by somebody else and its causing a few very annoying problems. One problem is that when using a discount code I need to be able to exclude custom PCs, but with our current system that just isn't possible because every custom built PC is seen as a new product to the database, and I cant exclude products which arent in the database yet. So with this CCC9 can I exclude it from discounts? I'd also like to see an example of the interface before installing it if possible. Thanks!
  2. pony88

    Default Values for Real Time Shipping Rates

    I see other people with this problem in the module's thread, does nobody have an answer?
  3. Hi, I have installed the official google checkout module on my store but get these errors: What the customer can see; In my admin: How do I set default values for these? There is no such box called 'default value' or anything obvious, and all weights are covered from 0kg up. So how can I get this working? Thanks, Tom.
  4. pony88

    Protx Problem

    I've fixed it now, the link to checkout_process.php in protx_form.php was wrong, and I'm assuming when a bad link is typed in the address bar you just always get redirected to the index page. Thanks mark, you were trés helpful. Tom.
  5. Hi, Currently with my OSCommerce when you click on a category (with no products but..) which has subcategories, it just shows the latest products. Is the a way to stop this and show links to the subcategories instead? For example, say you clicked on 'computers', then no products would be shown, but the subcategories 'memory', 'motherboards', 'harddrives' etc would be displayed. I tried a contribution called "Show Subcategories when Category has Products" but it didn't work for me. Can anybody help me out here? Thanks, Tom.
  6. pony88

    Protx Problem

    Thanks Mark but from what I see in that thread it's not going to fix my problem, my problem is with a redirect but not after an error, after a successful purchase. The strangest thing is that it works in test mode but not live! :blink: Any ideas?
  7. pony88

    Protx Problem

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my protx module, on my site I have a system builder where customers can build their own custom PCs. For any other purchase, Protx works fine but not for custom PCs. Customers are actually charged, and the order shows in my protx admin page but not in my oscommerce admin page. Strangely, with protx in test mode it works fine but not when it's live. I'll describe what normally happens as a customer: pick an item > add to cart > checkout > fill shipping information etc > go to protx page > finish with protx > automatically returned to my 'success' page. [and i see the order in my admin area] What's happening now with custom PCs. pick an item > add to cart > checkout > fill shipping information etc > go to protx page > finish with protx > automatically returned to my index page. [and i dont see the order in my admin area] I contacted protx and they say its an oscommerce problem. No doubt it's something I'm doing wrong myself but I don't know what! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.