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  1. Rainer, this seems to have fixed it. Both the previous order worked and I tried it using PayPal standard and it worked as well. I have not tried it charging tax yet.
  2. Which tax setting are you using in your store? - in this test, no tax Which payment module did you use in this example? - check/money order Do you have any aditional modification/addons added to the checkout pages/process/involved files? - no
  3. First the stats: OsC Phoenix, Discouont Code addon 5.1.1 As you can (maybe see) in the image below, the subtotal is correct, the Discount is correct, but the total excludes the discount. Which file is doing this math and saving the total?
  4. bnguru

    Notes don't work

    To kgtee - I downloaded discount coupons. Does this work in Phoenix?
  5. bnguru

    Notes don't work

    Thanks, found the notes! Next question, is there a captcha module available for Phoenix?
  6. bnguru

    Notes don't work

    While testing my new Phoenix install I was doing some dummy orders. When I typed notes into the order they did not appear in admin for me to see what instructions I wrote. Again, is this something that needs to be turned on or am I missing something? (As a side note - everyone's help here has been fantastic!)
  7. bnguru

    HTML Modifications

    I noticed on the new version, two important tabs are missing: My Account and Logout. Where do I implement them so they're available? Also, I tried to install the addon captcha-recaptcha and it was a fail. Is there a newer or different version to prevent robots?
  8. bnguru

    HTML Modifications

    Couldn't find what I was looking for. The main page where it says "Welcome on Trainliquidators.com" Where does that text exist?
  9. bnguru

    HTML Modifications

    First, I appreciate all the help this forum supplies and I hate to be a pest... Where are the various HTML files located so I can go in and modify some of the text being displayed?
  10. bnguru

    Category column modifications

    Which folder(s) is the user.css located?
  11. So now that I have my shop running in Phoenix http://www.trainliquidators.com/catalog3/ I'd like to reduce the font size and spacing so my customers don't have to scroll down too much. Which file do I need to modify to accomplish this? Also, I may have seen an add-on, but I want both the item number and quantity to appear in all view's of an item.
  12. bnguru

    Changing the header file

    My old osc I modified my header as follows: The red outline was background.png, the green circle is store_logo.png and theh yellow circle was the breadcrumb On my new install I have this and can't seem to find the same file coding to change it. What's the proper way to modify the new Phoenix version?
  13. bnguru

    Post Installation Process

    I am happy to say I successfully installed Phoenix v1.0.1.0 But... the default when I unzipped the file created the "gBurton" directory - see below. How do I get rid of thei to simplify the url and my editing. What I have: http://www.trainliquidators.com/catalog3/gburton-Responsive-osCommerce-88db268/index.php What I want: http://www.trainliquidaotrs.com/index.php (or at worse - catalog3/index.php) Also - one more question, will most of the cosmetic changes (header, footer, etc.) transfer easily from my old version? Also, what about older mods like discount coupon, Captcha. I presume I can still modify the databases to represent the customer info I require and a few item fields?
  14. bnguru

    Post Installation Process

    When I look at the downloads, there is "Phoenix Edition v1.0.1.0" and "v2.3.4.1 Full Package" Which one should I actually download and install and why?
  15. bnguru

    Post Installation Process

    the installation was done on the server. I've decided to wipe out all the files, re-download 2.4 and re-install from scratch just in case something wasn't done correctly.