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  1. Is there a solution for that? I've got the same problem, I have over 1000 attributes... Thanx Marco
  2. With EP there's the 256 max limit of attributes if I use excel/openoffice to open the EP files. Is there a solutions to manage more than 256 attribute, or is there another attribute manager that I can use for manage big attributes quantity? Thax very much! marco
  3. exagon

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hi all, I want ask a little question. I tried this contributions, that’s great ! Very good job Jack !!! But I’ve noticed that with this features I lost an important OSC functionality, isn’t possible manage, for example this case: manage the actual attribute price attribute quantity product but with … the useful option attribute combobox with the attribute options that they don’t modify the price. For example, I want sell T-shirt: I sell T-shirt with 3 colours (red, blue and yellow), all with the same price, but the price change for the T-shirt size (example: S, M, L,…). I think that it is very userful maintain the combo for the attribute options that they don't modify the price (the colors) and use the “Attribute Qty Product Info” contribution to choose the T-shirt size and quantity. Which are your ideas? Is it possibile make that? Marco
  4. Hi all, if I add a new product without image, when I look at it by catalog view, OSC show a “no image available”… that’s ugly ;-( Is there contributions or a little trick to manage products without images? marco
  5. Thank you very very much !!! marco
  6. Hi all, I would want to make a little customization on the OSC but I’m not a good programmer. My target is: insert of a new button in the shopping_cart.php page that permit the “remove all” object in the cart. This operation is already present through the remove flags, but these OSC options allow a remove of only one product and not of all products in the cars. I would want allow a unique button to empty the cart. To make this operation I think is necessary clean the TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET and TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET_ATTRIBUTES, through these delete command: delete from TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET where customers_id = <customer_ID> and products_id = <products_ID>; delete from TABLE_CUSTOMERS_BASKET_ATTRIBUTES where customers_id = <customer_ID> and products_id = <products_ID>; … but I don’t know like insert these SQL instructions on the shopping_cart.php code and above all how take the customer_id & products_id variables. Is there someone that can help me? Thank a lot – Grazie ! Marco 