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  1. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Yep, Ive been waiting on this for some time, and still very interested in a contribution that can allow me to show select products to different customers. Anyone want to take this on? ;) , I figure it wont be easy, but I believe it would be a contrib that many people would want.
  2. Im not getting this to work either as youve probably noticed by a few of my posts. Ive tried everything too Khim so you're not the only one. I too am useing MS2.2 and no luck. All of the fixes mentioned dont work. Thanks for explaining our problems in such good detail, (something i probably should have done) , hopefully someone php savvy can come to our rescue! Help us!!!?!?!?!?!?! .... please :( .........someone?
  3. Hi guys, Ive managed to be able to display certain boxes to only logged in customers, by editing the column_left.php file, with this code. if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'categories.php'); Now im wondering if its possible to make some boxes only show to certain customer groups? Im running seperate pricing per customer contribution and an article contribution. This would be a great thing to accomplish as I could keep articles available to only premium customers. Any ideas? I have the feeling I may be able to just add to the code ive shown above to only show if the customer group is a certain one. Thanks in advance
  4. thanx tim, that gets rid of the error and the problem with the address, however the password that is emailed out still doesnt work, the customer has no way of logging in, and I have no way of changing the password for them, except to edit directly through the database. Ive checked out my db, and all passwords created on the catalog side show as encrypted, but the one created within admin, is in plain text, (exactly the same as the one in the email).... If i change the line in admin/create_account_process.php to 'customers_password' => tep_encrypt_password($password)); as instructed in an earlier post, I get no luck, only an parse error telling me that its an undefined function. Help! I really need this to work!!! :(
  5. i'm having this problem, has anyone fixed it yet? To all that read this: This error has to do with the primary address for a customer not being updated in the database upon initial creation of their account, I've said this many times in many threads, but no one is comming up with a fix for this problem, I have a work around fix for this problem and it's all explained on my forum under my OSC, but it's not the fix I'm looking for, but it works for now, the disadvantage for my fix is that a customer can't have two address, just one address. Many of us really would like to see a real fix for this problem. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Im still waiting on a fix for this too. Anyone? :(
  6. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Scott, are you around? Its been another month now and no word on the new version. Are you still working on it, or is it not going to happen now? Im in desperate need for the ability to be able to serve different products 'AND' prices to different groups as Im sure a few others are too, and the next version of 'Seperate Pricing per Customer' as you explained it would do the job nicely. If anyone can suggest a work around for this, with perhaps a modification to the contribution, "Discount Groups" even, that would be a fantastic temporary measure! While we're waiting on Scott's latest version of course! :)
  7. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hey, Scendent, any news on the next version of this? Its been awhile since you last gave us an update. Hows it coming along.? Eagerly awaiting its release! cheers
  8. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Im waiting patiently for the new version of this contribution too! Sounds excellent. cheers
  9. deregular

    Create accounts from Administration

    I know what you meant Manuman Seriously guys, What about moving the create_account.php file over to the admin directory, changing everything to work from there. After all you should have your Admin directory password protected anyway. Then youd just have to remove the html in login.php that directs non-members to it ??? :unsure: This would be a solution, Im no coder, so I have no clue, maybe someone in the know could put this issue to rest. It seems there are mountains of people like me out there that would benefit from this. This problem is the only thing holding me back from using this fantastic open source application as well. Its second to none, but if I can't lock my system down from non-franchisees, then I will have to find something else, and nothing else compares. its such a shame........ :(
  10. Anybody know how this is going? I just went there and the mod is not there anymore. cheers
  11. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer

    I second that fiscus! I think those features would benefit a lot of people, especially if you dont want your retail customers seeing wholesale prices. Or your USA customers seeing your UK customers items, the list is endless as to what you could use it for! I was wanting to use the Discount groups contrib, but this one would be better to use for my needs, and give more versatility. Cant wait to see it! cheers
  12. deregular

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Any news on latest version? With the ability to assign different products to different customer groups? Cant wait to use it, it'll be awesome! cheers
  13. Hi all, I run a website with a private members section so that my franchise owners can buy product from us without the rest of the world seeing. At the moment I am using a small shopping cart solution hiding behind a password protected directory. (standard apache authorisation) I would absolutely love to use oscommerce because of its ability to keep records of our customers and its easy to use nature. But..... My customers have to log in twice. Once to my members section and the second time to use oscommerce. This is what I need it to do : - Change the login procedure to ask for the Username rather than the Email address of a customer. - Grab usernames from the standard apache authorisation login and pass to a new oscommerce file that compares the username with the database and then redirects the user, "already logged in", to the front catalog page. Is this possible? Does this look like a good way to achieving this? Im no coder, so if anyone wants to pick this up, it would absolutely fantastic!
  14. deregular

    Discount Groups

    I am doing the same, and would also like to know. Going by other threads it looks as though it was made for an older snapshot. Is there a version of this that will work on 2.2 MS2 ?
  15. Hi Newbie here, and finding it difficult to figure out which contributions will work with which versions of oscommerce. I need to give different discounts for different groups of customers, and need to know which one will work with ms2. Which one should I use? Thanks in advance. cheers shane