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  1. Any update on this? I am looking for a individual shipping module. Thanks
  2. musicmaestro

    Purchase Without Account

    I have changed the header.php and now I am getting a mirror image of the home page in the product_info page This is an annoying issue guys, can someone else please suggest something? Many thanks
  3. musicmaestro

    Individual pricing mod that works

    Colin Thats right. I need to keep it very simple as I've mentioned. We would add the shipping cost manually to each item as you have also said. So for example: Product1 (Cost 3.95), shipping cost 1.25 / Product2 (Cost 2.75), shipping cost 1.05 etc What you have given me is a great starter as I've almost pulled out what hair I have left! We dont use easy populate on this current project as there are only about 50 items to sell so updating is very ease if at all. If we do need to change shipping charges for overseas (Outside the UK) then we will look at that hurdle when the need arises. I'll take a look at your suggestions and see what I can do. I am no expert with php, but I'll give it a go. Thank you for your reply and suggestion (much appreciated) Steve
  4. musicmaestro

    Individual pricing mod that works

    I am very keen to resolve this. I might even consider paying someone for the sollution. Please PM me ASAP - This is urgent. Thank you
  5. musicmaestro

    Individual pricing mod that works

    Bump - anyone?
  6. musicmaestro

    Individual pricing mod that works

    Hi Sorry for the dealy in replying. I have a website where we want to sell different items with different shipping costs so for example a particular item might have an individual shipping price of 2.50 Another item available may have an individual shipping price of 1.75 The contribution (Individual Shipping and others available) I tried but failed and I have tried all avenues. We have a test site available so I'm prepared to try anything including a new install. Any help would be most adavantageous. Hope that makes it clearer and thank you for responding. Steve
  7. Hi I have been through all the mods in the contributions section and now getting a bit desparate. Can someone please direct me as to where I can find a sollution that works to price items with individual shipping? I am ok with installing and altering some php coding but above all, willing to have a go. Please guys. Many thanks Steve
  8. musicmaestro

    Individual Item Shipping and Flat Rate Shipping

    Did you ever esolve your issue? I cant get the mod to work and we need an individual pricing facility Thanks
  9. Dragen, that makes sense, thanks Steve
  10. Hi I have managed to build a website using oscommerce and all is working perfectly. We are going to create another one soon but as we have over 200,000 images on our server, your MOD looks like just the thing we are after. I am not an expert at php, but been able over a perod time to create a working site with payment facility. Before I embark on the next project, can you tell me if it is possible for us to use your MOD to show images on the new site from our existing server as there are a lot of images! Thank you Steve