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  1. The answer is yes! You can have both above contributions working harmoniously together. I looked over my xsell files again and found code that was missing. Same story as usual, eh? Monica
  2. Hi there, Fantastic contribution! I love it, so thankyou for all the work that has been done! This was the last thing I installed on my site. So my question to anyone and everyone who has mopics6 installed.... Do you have it running successfully with the Cross Sell (X SELL) Version 2.3 (or any version really) contrib.? As I can't see it now at catalog end, but it works fine in admin. Would love to have both working together!! :) Thanks, Monica
  3. acinom


    A fool! A fool I say! Sorry about above post.... it seems I am a fool :blush: the test account "B" has the same email address as my extra order email address!!! hahahahha! So problem solved there.... but it does help to talk it out! (well only me I assume :lol: ) A laugh for others prehaps?
  4. acinom


    So you have done nothing to alter the ipn.php file for this contribution? I won't touch it either then, as almost everything is working with purchasing. A problem I've found now, since testing referrals, has to do with A referring B. B make his first order and types in A's email address at checkout. All goes well until.... A makes an order, admin sends out an email to both A and B, regarding the progress of A's order. (B doesn't need to know this and probably doesn't want too. ) This is happening everytime A orders something and it's only the first order progress email that B receives. Sounds fun ha? Maybe this is not paypal prob. anymore. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. acinom


    Thanks. I myself will keep dabbling to see if I can find out what to code where. Will post if I break thru! Sorry I can not be of help to you, I do not have any products to disclose from point earning, thus have not tested that area.
  6. acinom


    I have applied the changes made to paypal_ipn.php, but don't know where to insert the code in the ipn.php. Are you using Paypal.IPN contrib. by Terra too? If so is it possible to post your ipn.php so I can see where the code for this particular contrib. needs to be placed? I'm a bit lost with this now. Thanks in advance! Monica
  7. acinom


    Thanks for your answer Mariemeh. I made the modifications to my paypal_ipn.php that was included with the contrib. (just combed through my version and their version and slotted in the changes at about the same places as they appeared) That seemed to fix up the non-deducting points prob. Yay! I feel brave! Checking both paypal_ipn.php and checkout_process.php now...... seems both have the same changes made for the Points / Reward Module on them. You have clued me into where to look, for another prob. I've encountered. (but it's got nothing to do with this mod., so will not state here!).Thanks again! This contribution is awesome and I highly recommend it! :thumbsup:
  8. acinom


    I was thinking about my prob. (redeeming points and checking out is fine, all registers through PAYPAL... but when I return to the store after checkout my points, which I have spent, are still in my account.) I was looking at the install package (I installed Version 2.0d). It also has a PAYPAL IPN modification to do, for PAYPAL IPN v1.3 for 2.2MS2. The PAYPAL IPN I have installed is OSCOMMERCE PAYPAL IPN v2.2 (by Terra). I haven't installed the mod yet, as I would have to look at the code and try figuring out what to change for my paypal version. Does the mod on paypal make checkout and paypal work together in the way that may fix my prob? Sorry if I'm sounding like a complete derro and it looks obvious to you! :lol: I've been teaching myself everything.... at times I can't get my head around the simplest things! Comments, suggestions, answers, jokes... anything would be lovely and well taken. :D Cheers! Monica
  9. acinom


    Thanks for the reply Chooch. I don't really know what to do next or what to check. I will keep playing around and see what happens. Will let everyone know if I find a solution. If any one can help, I'd appreciate it. By the way, can anyone give me some insight into what the minor bug fix download by efusion is? I'm not a code reader... TIA Monica
  10. acinom


    Hi everyone! Thankyou firstly for this awesome contrib.! I have it installed and everything works beautifully.....BUT :lol: I have the same prob. as this person quoted below and have not found a reply to it: QUOTE(Wildata @ Oct 31 2006, 08:14 PM) * Hi Folks, I am having a strange problem, all is fine up to the point the customer uses his points, then the points "used"do not subtract, and are available for the next purchase, any ideas where (in what file) my error /problem is ? Thanks in advance Ciaran. To answer Chooch: Yes, points still show up in admin and in customer account as if never been redeemed. I am using Paypal IPN and that's what the customer used for checkout payment. Everything else worked out fine during payment process. Do I need to subtract points manually? This would be an odd thing to have to do, eh? Appreciate any insight. Thankyou, Monica
  11. acinom


    Thanks for your reply Rhea. That's a bummer! I guess I can't use this contrib. until it's compatible with latest Pay Pal IPN. It's a great contribution and I admire the work that's gone into it! (so I'll be watching this thread for any updates :P ) Monica