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  1. Brain

    Links Manager II

    I have an old version of Links Manager installed probably 1.07 circa 2005 and we are getting bot spammed to death. Does the new version of Link Manager II have a way to prevent all the bots from submitting links? Are you using Catpcha on the links submit page or some other method? I really need a solution as we get over 500 spam links a day. Thank you
  2. there is no cvs_help.php in the languages/english folder. The file is missing for the languages for the cvs popup TY Brain
  3. I have installed the linkpoint internation api contribution but when i click on the "What is this value" for CVV it get this error in the popup Fatal error: Failed opening required 'includes/languages/english/cvs_help.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in ***********/catalog/popup_cvs_help.php on line 17 I have checked an redownloaded the contribution and cvs_help.php is not in the zip file. TY Brian
  4. Brain

    Authorizenet ADC fool proof???

    I tried it with a real credit card number and I still get the same error, no error codes just a red banner at the top of the page. Is there settings i have to do at authorize.net to make this work? TY
  5. Brain

    Authorizenet ADC fool proof???

    there is just a red banner at the top of the page. "There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again." I don't know where to look for the error code. TY
  6. I have just installed the Authorizenet ADC fool proof and get what it has me fooled. I get the nice error please try again. Question where is the error code from authorizenet? How can I tell where it is failing? I get the error whether I have it set as test or production. I am using the 4111111111111111 credit card number to test with. Any Ideas?? Thank you! Brain
  7. Brain

    Authorize.net for OSC2.1

    I am really in a bind here. Doesn't anyone have the authorize.net payment module for OSC2.1 Please respond. TY Brain
  8. I am looking for an authorize.net payment module that will work with OSC2.1 Before you tell me to upgrade, at this time I cannot, soooooo I really would like any of help you can give me with this problem. Thank you