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  1. When I add an img to a specific category it does not go to the intended Dir. For instance, when adding an earing img into the catalog under the earing category, the img does not go into the earing dir but into the images dir. When I look into the default osc it has DVD dir where all the dvd imgs are located. Can anyone help assist me with this?
  2. noellieb

    Help With Ultimate Seo Installation

    Satish, I am pretty much a novice in PHP and I do not know how to accomplish that. Can you please let me know step by step how to accomplish that? Please!
  3. I replaced all the files required for the Ultimate SEO following the instructions. However my web site disappeared. I just replaced the files in the zip file should I the continue with the additional SEO? Has any one out there install this SEO w/out any issue?. Can anyone help?