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    zefeena got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in Moving to another platform   
    Oscommerce has served me well for a long time, and I'm very grateful, but I don't feel able to do any programming or maintenance anymore.  I just want to concentrate on my business and a ready made shop, with a monthly fee, and SSl, payment processors already set up, is ideal for me now.  
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    zefeena got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in Moving to another platform   
    Its not just the oscommerce.  Its all the peripheral stuff.  My website went off-line today, because error logs got to big they consumed all the memory and that was that.  I didn't know whey it had happened and the host deleted the logs, so all is well - until next time.  it just seems endless checking, and messing, and I'm doing nothing but work.  The shop and hosting are all one, so if my website stopped working, I'd hope that firing off an email to someone would suffice - which I could do from anywhere without needing to sit at the computer for hours.
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    zefeena reacted to ecartz in website gone funny!   
    Two quick guesses: 
    1.  The disk partition containing /var/tmp is full.  Fix by deleting some older files.
    2.  The directory /var/tmp had its file permissions change.  Either change the permissions back or change to a new directory. 
    In either case, /var/tmp is outside the osCommerce directory structure, so you would probably need help from your host.  This seems more of a system administration thing than an osCommerce thing. 
    If you administer this server yourself, on the Linux command line, try running
    df -k ls -ld /var/tmp The results of one of those two commands might be informative. 
    Your error_log and access_ssl_log.processed are huge.  Consider downloading and truncating them.  If you have log rotation set up, perhaps run it manually. 
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    zefeena reacted to ecartz in Displaying orders (list)   
    In Phoenix, this would be based on MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS which affects catalog and admin.  That's under admin > Configuration > Maximum Values
    To change to not use MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, you would edit admin/orders.php
    $orders_split = new splitPageResults($_GET['page'], MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, $orders_query_raw, $orders_query_numrows); I don't know if your version is the same or not.  But it might be worth checking. 
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    zefeena reacted to Heatherbell in Customer Basket   
    Sorry I don't know how to fix this add-on or your website issue but, speaking from bitter experience, installing an old unsupported add-on is never a good idea.
    You mentioned in another post and your signature that you need to renew your website which is a good idea.
    I feel your pain, been there myself but it becomes like plugging holes in a sinking ship and you never know what sales you are losing from a broken/malfunctioning website.
    I eventually had to bite the bullet and get a new website made from scratch - it does ease the pain!
    I would recommend upgrading to CE Phoenix - get a certified developer to do it for you - @raiwais widely recommended.
    You may be able to DIY but there comes a point (like DIY electrics!) when it is safer to hire a professional!
    It is definitely worth it in the long run and you won't have to shut down your business to do it.
    Once done you will be able to manage the website yourself a lot more easily and it will allow you the time to do what you do best
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    zefeena reacted to BrockleyJohn in Worldpay Hosted Payments extended   
    @zefeena the latest code is here https://apps.oscommerce.com/brAIY
    You also have a problem in your settings. Clear the Shopper Redirect settings highlighted - that could be sending people straight to your checkout success page and preventing order being finished off. You need to keep the payment response settings, though.

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    zefeena reacted to burt in Cannot make TLS 1.2 work   
    It is *not* the Community Edition that you have @zefeena hope this helps
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    zefeena reacted to puddlec in Easy Populate & Products Attributes   
    Quantity Price Break is currently not supported with easy populate.
    but i have managed to add it to easy populate, it just needs a bit more work/testing in order to get it working fully