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  1. 15 minutes ago, Heatherbell said:

    You should be able to do that directly in the database phpmyadmin without deleting accounts - have a look at the customers_basket table.


    That sounds promising! Is there a way in php_admin to clear ALL baskets in one go.  I have stock control issues where (somehow) people manage to buy stuff I no-longer have, presumably as its already in the basket.  

  2. Hi,

    Totally agree.  I purchased new hosting and linked to another domain a few days ago.  I'm just waiting on the host changing my hosting to 'Plesk', so I didn't want to start anything until its all done. I'm going to use the Phoenix and mess about with it for a while, with some help! 

    I'm just trying to get a temporary fix.  Currently, I'm deleting peoples accounts as its the only way to empty the basket!  Some customers have been with me for a decade and made hundreds of orders, so I'd rather not do that for everyone!

  3. Hi,  I have problems with my customers being unable to remove items from the basket, as it logs them off.  No-one seems to know why this is happening or how to fix it, so I thought I'd try an add-on to edit the baskets at my side.  I have a stupid 'theme' (Dresscode) installed which is a botch, so I suspect thats why this add-on isbn't working.  I do not have a folder called catalog, my shop is directly in the public_html.

    pics uploaded below are the name of the add on, the error message I get when I try to look at the baskets (I've installed it correctly, I believe), and the part of the code in the header file, it seems to have an issue with.  Any advice? thanks

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.21.39.png

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.18.49.png

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.16.13.png

  4. 6 minutes ago, ecartz said:

     Put the file that is in the distribution at legacy/catalog/includes/classes/hooks.php in public_html/includes/classes/ .  This directory should already exist and you just add the file. 

    Okay, thank you.  I have seen the hooks folder.  I have managed to find a copy of the sloppy cleaner from before 2015 (my website was created in April 2015), and so I am going to have a go at removing the install.  then I will may try the new install.  I'm just more concerned bout ridding my customer of 'errors' as I think its affecting sales.

  5. 1 hour ago, raiwa said:

    AND don't forget the hook support if you do not have it in your store:

    0. Legacy (for older 2.3.4 BS and 2.3. - 2.3.4 Standard versions whithout hooks)

    0.1 Upload New file:


    I don't have a 'catalog' file.  all my files are in public_html, do I create a folder called legacy under 'home' or under public_html?  I feel like I'm already falling and I haven't even started.  /I have seen 'hooks' somewhere in my files, though I've never understood what they are/do!


  6. I think I'm going to cope with this for a while! 

    I had such a nightmare last time I edited my checkout_process.php.  I broke everything and took far too much of everyones time here helping me fix it, that I don't think I dare touch it ever again! It may be that I already resolved it, and that because I have so much stock and stocktaking is impossible, that the occasional shortages are just from the weeks before I noticed the problem and potentially fixed it.  As for the baskets not emptying, it may be customer error, back key pressing/impatience etc, and every now and then someone will Manage to pay once but create 3 duplicate orders! (this only happens on Paypal)

    Thank you,

  7. My apologies, as I know I have asked this question before, but it seems I still have the problem, and I cannot find the thread from previous discussion.


    Sometimes - and it appears not every time, when a customer check out and successfully creates an order

    1 - the basket does not empty

    2 the stock does not decrease


    The basket not emptying isn't really a problem to me, except that by not emptying it appears it is not decreasing the stock - which is a BIG deal, as I have thousands of items and need my stock control to work.

    The last order that I notice this has happened to, this is the 'comment' I get from Worldpay.  Anybody any idea what is wrong? thanks,

    Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 12.54.59.png

  8. Hi,

    Basket is still not emptying.  I am wondering if my Worldpay module is perhaps out of date.  Can you provide a link to the most current one, so I can compare the files, and take a look at my settings to see if they are correct or erroneous.  Thank you5b33f7685c62b_ScreenShot2018-06-27at21_40_48.thumb.png.ec35e788f14584bcee6187b200aedf8b.png

  9. Hi, 

    I'm still having issues with this world pay module.  When a customer orders it logs an order at my side, which I see, and process, and update as normal. (the cancel thing is still an issue but I simply check to make sure they paid - bit of a pain, but not the end of the world).  What I have recently discovered is that it isn't logging an order for the customer.  so The basket does not empty, the stock does not reduce, and the customer order history shows as NO order made  - even though I see an order logged at my side.   Any solutions? thank you


  10. Hi John,

    I copied the file from the newest install and it works okay, and seems to update the basket on a completed order.  However, I have discovered if once I reach the payment page I press cancel, the order is still logged.  This is not a major issue as I can simply check to see if payment actually was rec'd and cancel an order if it hasn't, but wondered why this was happening.

    thanks Kellie


  11. Hi MrPhil, I have no idea what all that meant! but hopefully you can help.  I did the fix and its completely broken my site, so I need to unfix and find a better fix!

    This is what I did.  I can't remember what order said before 'check' I think?   so I presume I need to change the red bits that say order back again, and delete the two lines that have the plus.  Currently the cart is loading up a blank page, and goodness knows what else is happening but it isn't working - zero sales today!! 

    thank you


  12. Hi, I've been having this same problem, and so followed the instruction here and updated my code.  Is that all I need to do? or do I need to remove and re-install the WorldPay module to make the code changes take effect?  fingers crossed I haven't made an error and that it works!! 

  13. 3 hours ago, BrockleyJohn said:

    If you are implementing Worldpay you should be aware that the standard payment module issued with osc doesn't bring customers back to your checkout if they cancel during payment. This version does that and a few extra bits: https://apps.oscommerce.com/brAIY&worldpay-hosted-payments-extended

    Hi, John.  I have applied to Worldpay and added the add on as above.  I simply wet through all the files and overwrote any that were already existing and added any new ones, I presume that is correct.  I'm now seeing this (don't recall there being the yellow box before)  Does this look correct?  I'm trying to get everything in place for when Worldpay set me up.  As for Paypal settings, it may well be that I have something wrong, but some orders go through, some don't, some go through after clearly the customer as made numerous attempts - but of course, many will give up after the first 1 or two tries.  I'm also considering inpay for bank transfers, but when I click through to their website cannot see any way to sign up - is this a method you'd recommend - im trying to cover all my bases here! thank you for your input, its very much appreciated.  Kellie



  14. My belief is really that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my site, the app, or any of the configurations.  I really think it s a PayPal glitch, because sometimes orders go through, sometimes they don't.  I have contacted to World Pay and will be giving that a go.  Paypal customer services are a nightmare, so any other option can only be an improvement.  I have returned to just having the paypal app on there and a couple of orders have come in (plus a lot of customers look like they have been looping too), so I guess I'll just have to hope it isn't long before WorldPay is up and running.

    In the meantime, can anyone tell me where the option for 'guest checkout' is changed.  Mine is currently set up to force everyone to register on the site.

    Thank you


    The error message that is rep'd (and I had my partner try this from another location) is:

    Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.   and then the 'return to merchant' button.


  15. I'm absolutely desperate here! I set up Paypal Standard as I thought that might serve better.  customer placed an order, says its all good - but no money came through to my Paypal! So obviously I've deleted that as an option.  I need a reliable payment method, but I'm worried that it won't matter what I set up, its going to be a fail if this is some issue with my website rather than Paypal itself.  Is there an easier alternative to Paypal that I can use for cards, or an automated way for Bank Transfer or even using my mobile phone to get payments.  Any method needs to be automatic.  Getting customers to pay after they have placed an order is always a lot of work, and rarely a success.


  16. This is so odd! I've gone through pages and pages - no RED bits!  The odd customer managed to check out (the top one in the screen shot for example.  But many are reporting that they get returned to the site, and I'm seeing the same names over and over again in the lists with their attempts (and fails) to checkout.  PayPal App v5.018 5ae20e61aa8f4_ScreenShot2018-04-26at18_35_17.png.fb7f67a3fd7413d8d4481c0c831c4f86.png

  17. Ive downloaded the app, and I cannot open the README.md file so I'm already stuck for instructions (I'm using a Mac) 

    But presuming I go through each file and overwrite what I already have, as I already had the app installed.  Or do I first have to 'uninstall' my existing app.  I'm a little concerned about the skill level involved here, as when I originally tried to install the first app I never managed to get it to work and got my website completely remade by a third party and I've never got on with my site since!

  18. Thank you for the info: I'll go through all the checks, I'm running:  Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    is this the community edition? Idon't know how I get that information as to whether it is or isn't? 

  19. No joy on this at all.  Can anyone tell me what settings I should have on my paypal account.  Rang Paypal, no help at all -  they said they couldn't even get onto my website!

    Customers are shopping, adding to basket without problem, its only the checkout that is an issue.   I'm wondering if I have any settings wrong.  I have just changed my 'check-out' address to https (it was http), and put data transfer on.  Not sure this is relevant or not.

    thank you


    Website Payment Preferences


    Auto Return for Website Payments

    Auto Return for Website Payments brings your buyers back to your website immediately after payment completion. Auto Return applies to PayPal Website Payments, including Buy Now, Donations, Subscriptions and Shopping Cart. Learn More

    Auto Return:Auto Return:

    Return URL: Enter the URL that will be used to redirect your customers upon payment completion. This URL must meet the guidelines detailed below. Learn More

    Return URL Requirements: The following items are required in order to set up Auto Return.

    • In accordance with the User Agreement, you must provide written information on the page displayed by the Return URL that will help the buyer understand that the payment has been made and that the transaction has been completed.
    • You must provide written information on the page displayed by the Return URL that explains that payment transaction details will be emailed to the buyer. 
    • Example: Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log in to your account at www.paypal.com to view details of this transaction.

    Payment Data Transfer (optional)

    Payment Data Transfer allows you to receive notification of successful payments as they are made. The use of Payment Data Transfer depends on your system configuration and your Return URL. Please note that in order to use Payment Data Transfer, you must turn on Auto Return.

    Payment Data Transfer:Payment Data Transfer:

    Identity Token:CUSC***********************o0

    Encrypted Website Payments

    Using encryption enhances the security of website payments by decreasing the possibility that a third party could manipulate the data in your button code. If you plan on only using encrypted buttons you can block payments from non-encrypted ones.

    Learn more about Encrypted Website Payments

    Note: If you enable Encrypted Website Payments, all of your Buy Now, Donation and Subscription buttons must be encrypted via one of the following methods:

    • Using the Button Factory with the security settings enabled.
    • Using your own code, you encrypt all website payments before sending them to PayPal.

    By enabling this feature, any Buy Now, Donation or Subscription button that is not encrypted will be rejected by PayPal.

    Block Non-encrypted Website Payment:Block Non-encrypted Website Payment:

    PayPal Account Optional

    When this feature is turned on, your customers will go through an optimised checkout experience. This feature is available for Buy Now, Donation and Shopping Cart buttons, but not for Subscription buttons. Learn More

    PayPal Account Optional:PayPal Account Optional:

    Contact Telephone Number

    When you activate this option, your customers will be asked to include a contact phone number with their payment information. Learn More.

    Note: Selecting On (Required Field) could have a negative effect on buyer conversion.

    Contact TelephoneContact Telephone
    On (Optional Field)On (Required Field)Off (PayPal recommends this option)

    PayPal Express Checkout Settings

    With this setting you determine if you technically support the German funding methods giropay and bank transfer in your PayPal Express Checkout implementation. 

    Support giropay and bank transfer payments:Support giropay and bank transfer payments: