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  1. Thank you so much.  Honestly thats been annoying me for years and that was so simple to fix! lol

    I'm on an older version, but the MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS which affects catalog and admin.  That's under admin > Configuration > Maximum Values

    'search results'

    is still in there.

    That will make Monday morning so much easier! Have a nice evening.

  2. On the interface, it shows the orders and status as a list.  It only shows 12 per page    (Displaying 1 to 12 (of 16958 orders)

    Can someone tell me which file to edit so I can show 30 or 40 per page.  It would make it easier for me to be able to see all processing orders on one page instead of having 3 or 4 pages to look through.


    Thank you

  3. I didn't find a way to delete more than 500 items at the same time, but I've gone through and cleared all the baskets.  Thank you so much.  It will at least buy me a little time being able to do this.

    Have a nice day.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Heatherbell said:

    You should be able to do that directly in the database phpmyadmin without deleting accounts - have a look at the customers_basket table.


    That sounds promising! Is there a way in php_admin to clear ALL baskets in one go.  I have stock control issues where (somehow) people manage to buy stuff I no-longer have, presumably as its already in the basket.  

  5. Hi,

    Totally agree.  I purchased new hosting and linked to another domain a few days ago.  I'm just waiting on the host changing my hosting to 'Plesk', so I didn't want to start anything until its all done. I'm going to use the Phoenix and mess about with it for a while, with some help! 

    I'm just trying to get a temporary fix.  Currently, I'm deleting peoples accounts as its the only way to empty the basket!  Some customers have been with me for a decade and made hundreds of orders, so I'd rather not do that for everyone!

  6. Hi,  I have problems with my customers being unable to remove items from the basket, as it logs them off.  No-one seems to know why this is happening or how to fix it, so I thought I'd try an add-on to edit the baskets at my side.  I have a stupid 'theme' (Dresscode) installed which is a botch, so I suspect thats why this add-on isbn't working.  I do not have a folder called catalog, my shop is directly in the public_html.

    pics uploaded below are the name of the add on, the error message I get when I try to look at the baskets (I've installed it correctly, I believe), and the part of the code in the header file, it seems to have an issue with.  Any advice? thanks

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.21.39.png

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.18.49.png

    Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 08.16.13.png

  7. 22 hours ago, Heatherbell said:

    Yes, same happened when I tested using chrome browser - added products to cart, registered as Test Customer, logged off, logged in again with incognito window, products still in cart, added product, other products disappeared - sorry I don't know why but as you say in your signature, it is "botched up" :(
    It is well worth paying a certified developer to have a look or better still, set up a new clean website for you.

    Thank you for taking a look.  I have decided to get a completely new website built.  This morning I remembered something similar happening before, and  it occurred to me, that my hosting had just been renewed.  I went onto my support tickets, and there was a conversation or two with my host about a similar issue 2 years ago, and it was related to the SSL cert renewal or something.  The host fixed it last time, so I've asked them to take a look.  Hopefully they will fix this for me for the short term, until I can get my new website up and running. 

  8. Okay! So this seems to be some kind of cookie issue.  If I add an item, it shows only that item in my cart, all other items disappear, if I click the cart, it makes me log in, and everything is back in!  Every time I add something to the cart, everything in the cart disappears, only showing the newly added item.  But as soon as I attempt to checkout, it asks me to log in and everything is there to be checked out!

    I'm not sure if this is a Mac problem.  I'm still getting orders, so apparently everyone is not having issues.

    Can anyone who is using windows or a different browser, be kind enough to add a few items to the cart and see how you get on? You would need to register, but if you use a surname of TESTING, I'll just delete all accounts of that name later.  thank you

  9. Is no-one else having this issue?  I wonder if anyone on an older version could just try logging on and removing something from their basket to see if they too have the same issue.  My website has been running  for many years, this is a new issue, unrelated to anything I have done, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one affected.  Undoubtably this problem will be causing a loss of sales.

    I would really like to find a solution.  Thus far, the only solution is to delete the account and re-register (effectively emptying the whole basket), but those who have 100 items in their cart and want to get rid of 1 item, are not going to be impressed!


  10. Hi,

    Hope you are all safe and well.

    I'm having a right old time here with endless website problems!  For a while now I've notice people seem to buy stuff I no-longer have stock of, I presumed it was a stock control problem, but the other day someone checked out and turned the stock number to -7 (yes minus seven!), as it happened I had enough, but clearly its an issue.  It is set not to allow checkout, so no idea how they did it.  Today, people are having multiple fails checking out with both Paypal and wordplay, going round in circles and occasionally managing to checkout.  

    I tried myself and I logged on with an item still in my basket from a while ago and no-longer in stock.  I pressed 'remove' and it logged me out!  It impossible to remove this item from my basket, and impossible to checkout, I presume other people will get this problem too, so no idea how to solve it, or why it has happened.

    I'm on an old version as per my signature.

    Any ideas? Thanks



  11. I tried making the email_test file, but it threw up errors, so I presume I didn't edit it correctly.  I didn't really understand, what I was supposed to do with the file! 

    Never mind, I think I'll give it up for the moment.  thanks everyone for trying.

  12. 20 hours ago, ecartz said:

    Newer version of Harald's test script, updated for PHP 7: 

      if ('send' === ($_POST['action'] ?? null)) {
        define('SEND_EMAILS', 'true');
      require 'includes/application_top.php';
      if ('send' === ($_POST['action'] ?? null)) {
        mail($_POST['to_address'], '[PHP] ' . $_POST['subject'], 'This email has been sent from the native php mail() function.' . "\n\n" . $_POST['body']);
        tep_mail($_POST['to'], $_POST['to_address'], '[osCommerce] ' . $_POST['subject'], 'This email has been sent from the email class osCommerce uses.' . "\n\n" . $_POST['body'], $_POST['from'], $_POST['from_address']);
        echo 'E-Mails Sent!<br /><br />';
    <form name="emailtest" action="email_test.php" method="post">
    E-Mail From: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('from'); ?><br />
    E-Mail From Address: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('from_address'); ?><br /><br />
    E-Mail To: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('to'); ?><br />
    E-Mail To Address: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('to_address'); ?><br /><br />
    Subject: <?php echo tep_draw_input_field('subject'); ?><br /><br />
    Body:<br />
    <?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('body', 'virtual', 50, 7); ?>
    <br /><br />
    <input type="hidden" name="action" value="send"><input type="submit"><br /><br /><input type="reset">


    Where do I put this script?  is it a file I create, in which case, what do I call it and where do I put it?  thank you

  13. 21 hours ago, ArtcoInc said:


    Several things ...

    1) You didn't say if: a) your shop used to send out emails, but now it's stopped, or b) it never has been able to send out emails.

    2) Read this thread ...

    This explains how to create a file that tests your server to see if IT is properly set up properly to send out emails. You create and edit one file, upload it to your server, and access the file through your browser. It tries to send out two emails. If you receive them (one or both), then it's not a problem with the server. If you DON'T receive them, than the problem IS with the server.

    3) People have reported that their hosts won't send emails if the From or Reply To email addresses are not from the domain the shop is in. IE, if your shop is My_Domain.com, but your email addresses say you are mailing from AOL.com, Yahoo.com, GMail.com, etc.. Apparently there are ways around this, but the best fix is to use your own domain as the sending email address.



    I honestly don't think its ever worked since I changed hosts.  They were restricting my emails, but I told them I need at least 100 per hour (or I'm going!), and they assured me they had updated it, but I have placed a couple of orders to myself and not had any emails.

  14. I have managed to check the email.  I can send one from 'orders@domain'.  I think the problem may be in the my store.

    So do I need orders@ domain email for  first and second email, and can the Send extra order emails be my aol email?  thanks




  15. My emails do not go out to customers.  None! they do not get confirmation, reset password, nothing it seems.

    I presume this is my settings.  But I have tried different configurations randomly and still no joy.  I have emails: orders@domain and info@domain. both have forwarders set up to go to my aol email.  I get nothing!  I just tried to send an email from my aol account to orders@domain and info@domain and both went through and were forwarded to my aol account, so I presume I still have something wrong somewhere on my website and that its not a host problem.  Can someone, tell me how I determine what settings I need to match my host, and where to change them, and what to?  I've tolerated this issue for about 2 years and I get endless emails (to my aol address), from customers, asking for the password reset, order update etc, which is all wasted energy I can manage without if my emails work as they should.  Thank you 

  16. 6 minutes ago, ecartz said:

     Put the file that is in the distribution at legacy/catalog/includes/classes/hooks.php in public_html/includes/classes/ .  This directory should already exist and you just add the file. 

    Okay, thank you.  I have seen the hooks folder.  I have managed to find a copy of the sloppy cleaner from before 2015 (my website was created in April 2015), and so I am going to have a go at removing the install.  then I will may try the new install.  I'm just more concerned bout ridding my customer of 'errors' as I think its affecting sales.

  17. 1 hour ago, raiwa said:

    AND don't forget the hook support if you do not have it in your store:

    0. Legacy (for older 2.3.4 BS and 2.3. - 2.3.4 Standard versions whithout hooks)

    0.1 Upload New file:


    I don't have a 'catalog' file.  all my files are in public_html, do I create a folder called legacy under 'home' or under public_html?  I feel like I'm already falling and I haven't even started.  /I have seen 'hooks' somewhere in my files, though I've never understood what they are/do!