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  1. Printing invoice - New Line for Postcode

    Thank you. I've altered as advised, fingers crossed its okay. Its always annoyed me! lol
  2. Hi, This is something that has forever bugged me and despite all efforts I cannot figure out out to remedy! Can anyone tell me how to make the postcode on the invoice have a line of its own? And ideally how to make the 'county' go to the line above the postcode. I'm in the UK, so I prefer the layout in this order. thank you name street county postcode country
  3. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Thank you. I think I may have had some errors in that, so hopefully my corrections will make things work properly now
  4. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Hi, I'm still having issues with this world pay module. When a customer orders it logs an order at my side, which I see, and process, and update as normal. (the cancel thing is still an issue but I simply check to make sure they paid - bit of a pain, but not the end of the world). What I have recently discovered is that it isn't logging an order for the customer. so The basket does not empty, the stock does not reduce, and the customer order history shows as NO order made - even though I see an order logged at my side. Any solutions? thank you Kellie
  5. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Hi John, I copied the file from the newest install and it works okay, and seems to update the basket on a completed order. However, I have discovered if once I reach the payment page I press cancel, the order is still logged. This is not a major issue as I can simply check to see if payment actually was rec'd and cancel an order if it hasn't, but wondered why this was happening. thanks Kellie
  6. Missing Products and not updating quantity

    Hi MrPhil, I have no idea what all that meant! but hopefully you can help. I did the fix and its completely broken my site, so I need to unfix and find a better fix! This is what I did. I can't remember what order said before 'check' I think? so I presume I need to change the red bits that say order back again, and delete the two lines that have the plus. Currently the cart is loading up a blank page, and goodness knows what else is happening but it isn't working - zero sales today!! thank you
  7. Missing Products and not updating quantity

    Hi, I've been having this same problem, and so followed the instruction here and updated my code. Is that all I need to do? or do I need to remove and re-install the WorldPay module to make the code changes take effect? fingers crossed I haven't made an error and that it works!!
  8. 'Safer Payments' Registration - World Pay

    thank you Martin, much appreciated x
  9. Hi, I recently installed World pay as a payment option, as an alternative to Paypal. I am being told that I need to comply with Safer Payments or something, but I'm baffled by this. I am using World Pay as a'hosted' payment provider . I will be sending my customers over to Worldpay to process their payment, just in the same way as with Paypal. I will NOT be seeing their credit card details, these will not be input on my website at all - I simply do not want the responsibility! Has the customer service adviser on WorldPay got ti wrong? surely I do not need to 'comply', as its them seeking the details, and therefore they need to comply not me! anyone any idea? ta
  10. Compliance for WorldPay - images

    Hi, thankyou. It was a browser cache issue. I seem to have managed it now, hopefully the images will meet their standards as they are rather small!
  11. Compliance for WorldPay - images

    Hi, I did look into the dress code stylesheet and changed the icons, but it doesn't alter anything and I think that the icons on the page are actually gif's so I presume there is yet another place to change the icons. thank you #payment_services span.icon_1{ background: url("../dresscode_images/icon_footer_paypall.png") no-repeat; } #payment_services span.icon_2{ background: url("../dresscode_images/icon_footer_visa.png") no-repeat; } #payment_services span.icon_3{ background: url("../dresscode_images/icon_footer_mastercard.png") no-repeat; } #payment_services span.icon_4{ background: url("../dresscode_images/icon_footer_maestro.png") no-repeat; } #payment_services span.icon_5{ background: url("../dresscode_images/icon_footer_JCB.png") no-repeat;
  12. I've just signed up to WorldPay (and been invoiced!!), but unable to start using it as my website doesn't 'comply', I have immediately got stuck at trying to apply the images on the home page. I have established that icons 1-5 correlate to the 5 icons on my website. So I need Maestro and JCB images where the Amex and Discover images are. (icons 4 & 5), but I cannot figure out how to assign the 'icon'. Can anyone tell me where to look/how to do this. I use the stupid dress code theme which I think may be half the issue. public_html/dresscode_theme/dresscode_blocks/footer_payment.php <div id="payment_services"> <div class="wrapper"> <span class="icon_5">&nbsp;</span> <span class="icon_4">&nbsp;</span> <span class="icon_3">&nbsp;</span> <span class="icon_2">&nbsp;</span> <span class="icon_1">&nbsp;</span> </div> </div>
  13. Allowing Guest checkout

    I know I've seen it somewhere but I have looked everywhere on PayPal and no joy!
  14. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    Hi, John. I have applied to Worldpay and added the add on as above. I simply wet through all the files and overwrote any that were already existing and added any new ones, I presume that is correct. I'm now seeing this (don't recall there being the yellow box before) Does this look correct? I'm trying to get everything in place for when Worldpay set me up. As for Paypal settings, it may well be that I have something wrong, but some orders go through, some don't, some go through after clearly the customer as made numerous attempts - but of course, many will give up after the first 1 or two tries. I'm also considering inpay for bank transfers, but when I click through to their website cannot see any way to sign up - is this a method you'd recommend - im trying to cover all my bases here! thank you for your input, its very much appreciated. Kellie
  15. Cannot make TLS 1.2 work

    My belief is really that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my site, the app, or any of the configurations. I really think it s a PayPal glitch, because sometimes orders go through, sometimes they don't. I have contacted to World Pay and will be giving that a go. Paypal customer services are a nightmare, so any other option can only be an improvement. I have returned to just having the paypal app on there and a couple of orders have come in (plus a lot of customers look like they have been looping too), so I guess I'll just have to hope it isn't long before WorldPay is up and running. In the meantime, can anyone tell me where the option for 'guest checkout' is changed. Mine is currently set up to force everyone to register on the site. Thank you The error message that is rep'd (and I had my partner try this from another location) is: Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later. and then the 'return to merchant' button.