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    Modifying product_info.php

    I now see that once the continue button is clicked then application_top.php checks the value of $HTTP_GET_VARS['action'] which is now set to 'add_product' , for which case the cart class 'add_cart' method is called.
  2. rhubarb

    Modifying product_info.php

    I see the continue button seems to return to the same page eg http://<home dir>/product_info.php?cPath=3_25&products_id=69 If so, where does it get redirected to page shopping_cart.php? (shame we can't edit our own posts)
  3. rhubarb

    payment module installation problem

    Is it your catalog path in admin/includes/configure.php like this post here
  4. I was searching for a solution to the problem where some VISA cards are being validated as JCB cards, but it seems like most people have switched validation off. I've moved the code for JCB validation to after the validation for VISA cards and changed the JCB validation code as follows: Extract from includes/classes/cc_validation.php // JCB - Check format according to http://www.beachnet.com/~hstiles/cardtype.html and moved to after VISA check - ncw 14-04-04 } elseif ((ereg("^(3)[0-9]{15}", $Number)) || (ereg("^(2131|1800)[0-9]{11}$", $Number))) { //} elseif ( (($NumberLeft6 >= 352800) && ($NumberLeft6 <= 458999)) ) { $this->cc_type = 'JCB'; $ShouldLength = 15; $ShouldLength2 = 16; if ( strtolower(MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_ACCEPT_JCB) != 'true' ) { return -5; } Then in includes\modules\payment\cc.php around line 277 I've changed the code to send an email to me if errors occur rather than redirecting the customer. if ( ($result == false) || ($result < 1) ) { $payment_error_return = 'payment_error=' . $this->code . '&error=' . urlencode($error) . '&cc_owner=' . urlencode($HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_owner']) . '&cc_expires_month=' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_expires_month'] . '&cc_expires_year=' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_expires_year']; // email errors to Admin instead of redirecting customer when card is not valid - ncw 14-04-04 $errMessage = "\nThis is an automated message.\n\nA customer has just entered their credit card details at " . STORE_NAME . " and the following error was detected:" . "\n\nError: " . $error . "\nCard owner: " . $HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_owner'] . "\nCard type recognised as: " . $cc_validation->cc_type; mail("me@somedomain.co.uk",STORE_NAME . ": Credit Card Validation Error",$errMessage,"From:me@somedomain.co.uk"); // following line has been commented out whilst testing - ncw 14-04-04 // tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, $payment_error_return, 'SSL', true, false)); } I shall monitor this to see if we get errors with validation on other card numbers.
  5. rhubarb

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sales Report v1.0

    The jsgraph folder and graph.js file appears not to be included in the sales report 1 contribution dated 9 Mar 2003, but it is included in the previous contribution dated 20 Dec 2002.
  6. rhubarb

    CVV and UK Switch

    Which is the preferred contribution to take CVV and Switch Issue numbers for MS2. I tried installing contribution switch_1.5 CVS2.2 but I'm having a card validation problem?
  7. rhubarb

    CVV and UK Switch

    Seems to work well, thanks.
  8. I've just had the same problem, did you find a solution?
  9. When I run Easy Populate 2.62 MS2 to upload 1800 products, 300 records are sucessfully uploaded but then the upload timesout with the following error messages: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in e:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\admin\includes\functions\database.php on line 45 Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in e:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\admin\includes\functions\sessions.php on line 37 Is there a setting I can change somewhere?
  10. I've recently noticed that whilst creating a site with STS Templates that the spaces between info boxes (left and right) have increased and I'm struggling to find what's caused it. I had made some additions to the stylesheet namely a TD class and some paragraph classes so I immediately thought that would be the cause. So I replaced the stylesheet with the original which changed the colours but had no effect on the spacing of infoboxes (in the vertical). I then tested some changes in the sts_template.html. I tried to add a class ref to the <p> tag for each infobox where the class in the stylesheet had a small font size, but no change. If I remove the <p> tags then there is no space between boxes. Can anyone advise how the spacing should be controlled please?
  11. rhubarb

    STS Template Info box positioning

    Thanks for the tip on margins. Yes the effects in other browsers can be surprising. I guess you're right about Mozilla and Opera, I'm sure I've got a copy of each somewhere.
  12. rhubarb

    STS Template Info box positioning

    The margin property of the <p> tag solved my problem with the verticl spacing of the boxes, although I seem to have lost my right margin to the right hand column of boxes. There are so many properties in so many files! I've tested html and dhtml between IE and N4 before and, due to the frustrating compatibility issues, I now assume 90% of people viewing my sites are atleast using IE. Thanks for your help!
  13. rhubarb

    STS Template Info box positioning

    Can the margins of a <p> tag be controlled? I understood <div> blocks were layers, I can't remember if they behaved slightly differently in Netscape?
  14. rhubarb

    UK Postal Rates

    Did you solve your problem? I'm also trying to setup the 'UK Postal Rates' and would be interested to here how you progressed. I've posted a question here