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  1. I found that the tickbox didn't always show depending on sequence of events, the variable $use_credit_string was somehow being cleared so I updated line 119 in the order total class with: $use_credit_string .= $GLOBALS[$class]->use_credit_amount(); I realise that the gift voucher module sort order needs to be before the order total for the gift voucher value to be subtracted. My remaining issue is the Gift Voucher Release Queue, how is that supposed to work?
  2. I see that when a GV is redeemed then a checkbox appears in checkout payment which allows the customer to use the amount in their GV account. In checkout confirmation the GV amount appears below the total but is not subtracted from the sub-total, will that be because Queue Purchases is enabled in admin? Also when the order is placed nothing appears in the Gift Voucher Release Queue.
  3. I think the above error loading the library was because I had not set LB_LIBRARY_PATH. The main reason the checkout was returning error 10 was that my test product had no weight which caused the shipping fields to be empty, once I added some weight to the product then the hsbc module worked. I would be interested to hear from anyone who's used the hsbc module 1.1 dated 2005 in my link above; I briefly tested it but found that the HSBC site hung and the order was not entered into osc; maybe there was an issue on the HSBC server or maybe there are some compatibility issues, I don't know.
  4. [i thought we used to be able to edit these posts - can't see any edit button] I've tested TestHash.e using the following command in PuTTY: ./testHash.e HASHKEY "Monkey" and it returns the following error: error while loading shared libraries: libCcCpiTools.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory However the file libCcCpiTools.so does exist in the same directory and is chmod 755. I'm seriously considering changing this complicated module for the one mentioned here which apparently only requires mhash and mycrypt. Anyone have any experience with this alternative module?
  5. I've uploaded the files in 1 & 2 above to /home/domainname/public_html/cgi-bin/ . In the Apache httpd.conf file it has: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/domainname/public_html/cgi-bin/ (phpinfo.php says LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to /usr/local/apache/lib). The cgi-bin directory has 755 permissions, so execution should be allowed, however the HSBC module still returns error 10. Where are the C module files called from?
  6. The module was working on another server but has now beed transfered to a new server. mhash and mycrypt are now installed and working but clicking the 'confirm' button in the checkout returns "The transaction failed because of invalid input data. Error10". I suspect this is due to missing library files on the server. The way HSBC works seems over complex compared with the Protx and Worldpay modules. I think the module contribution should contain a warning to explain that the chosen webserver must be preconfigured with specific library files and settings. The last post to the contribution includes a C library file but with very little explanation - a lot of technical knowledge is assumed. I've read in an earlier post that the following are required: 1. compiled c module 'testhash.e' for testing the hash key. 2. C modules libCcCpiTools.so, CcOrderHash.e, CcResults.e 3. PHP safe mode to be switched off 4. Allowed to run an executable Where should the files in 1 & 2 above be located? I've seen them located in eg httpdocs/cgi-bin on another server, but should they be in whatever path is set for the server environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (not LB_LIBRARY_PATH as in the installation help notes)? On my dedicated CentOS server LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to /usr/local/apache/lib.
  7. I have a Client with HSBC module version 1.0 which requires mhash and mycrypt to be installed on the server. The server management company have now installed mhash and mycrypt but a transaction returns the error: The transaction failed because of invalid input data. Error 10. Does this mean that mhash and mycrypt are not working correctly or am I likely to be missing other files. There's references on the net to files libCcCpiTools.so and php_hsbccpi.so being required. Does the latest HSBC module also require these extra files? If not then is it likely that we can migrate to this latest module?
  8. rhubarb

    Manual Order Maker

    How does this compare with the Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry contribution? Have you any screen shots?
  9. I was wondering if anyone had used QTPro and produced a size/colour selection matrix as seen at Boden ?
  10. I couldn't find the function requested_page() nor the file includes/classes/seo.class.php maybe I have a different version. Anyway my error 1153 - Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes has reoccured. My host previous made an adjustment which fixed the problem, so I assume he simply increased the value for 'max_allowed_packet', but as more products have been added I guess the new value has now been exceeeded. If I save the content bound for the cache_data field in a text file it amounts to just over 1MB which does not seem a lot compared to the common setting of max_allowed_packet=16MB that I see mentioned on the net.
  11. Looking at 2 Yahoo bot ip addresses: is being recognised as a bot and the browser language is registered as [unknown] is not recognised as a bot and the browser language is registered as en-us,en;q=0.5
  12. I've noticed that Visitor Web Stats over the last 2 days is nolonger recognising the Yahoo bot, the reference now seems to be: rz502422.crawl.yahoo.net rz502521.crawl.yahoo.net rz502495.crawl.yahoo.net etc Anyone know what entry is needed in includes/spider.txt for it to be recognised? Also I notice yesterday I had a lot of entries for: cache-los-ac01.proxy.aol.com cache-los-aa07.proxy.aol.com cache-los-ab10.proxy.aol.com etc.
  13. I'm getting the mysql error: 1153 - Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes insert into cache (cache_id, cache_language_id, ...... etc It's occuring at the line include('includes/seo_cache.php') in application_top.php. Looks like it will be one of the calls to $cache->save_cache in includes/seo_cache.php which leads to line 101 in includes/classes/cache.class.php which is tep_db_perform('cache', $sql_data_array, 'insert'); I'm not sure which version of Chemo SEO urls I've got but it was working until today. The length (strlen) of the cache_data is 1059356.
  14. rhubarb

    RSS News Feed v0.9

    How does the parser deal with <![CDATA[ ? I'm trying to use the osc new contributions rss and the titles are not displaying, an example title in the xml file would be <![CDATA[Dangling Carrot]]>
  15. rhubarb

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Getting the same CustomerEMail format error, I posted my support ticket 6:45pm yesterday (14 August). They say responce time is 1 day 8hrs - that's 2 working days. The Protx server upgrade has not gone well. My problems have been the validation rules on the amount field, description field length, and now the CustomerEMail field. according to the Protx support forum they will be releasing a patch later today.
  16. rhubarb

    Recover Cart Sales

    Is there any code available to send an automated email to customers that still have an abandoned cart after x-number of days?
  17. rhubarb

    PCI complience?

    My understanding is that if you are collecting credit card details on your site as a merchant then your site and server (as well as internal connected systems) must meet certain security requirements and your systems will be subject to an audit. If you are providing hosting for sites collecting payment details then you will be classified as a Level 1 Service Provider and will also be subject to an audit and have to comply. See the Visa information here. The easiest approach for many will be to use a PCI DSS compliant third party payment gateway such as Protx. Further reading: Visa U.S.A. adds financial incentives, fines to PCI program Visa upgrades PCI merchant classifications PCI Blog *** 10 Steps to Creating Your Own IT Security Audit Merchant Services — Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards FAQs The other issue that has puzzled me recently is the PCI's policy on email security (and particularly with reference to the Data Protection Act in the UK); will all emails containing customer contact details soon need to be encypted using eg PGP? Transaction confirmation emails from PCI compliant payment gateways are normally in html and although they don't hold card numbers they do usually hold other card data, ie name and address.
  18. We've noticed that the site stats are showing product_thumb.php as getting the largest number of hits, 7 times as many as index.php, is this normal?
  19. rhubarb

    Callback Worldpay

    Just had a similar problem with a shop not using STS and the following code changes around line 118 in the Worldpay module solved it for me: $callback_url = tep_href_link(FILENAME_WPCALLBACK, '', (ENABLE_SSL ? 'SSL' : 'NONSSL'), false); $protocol = (ENABLE_SSL ? 'https://' : 'http://'); $worldpay_callback = explode($protocol, $callback_url);
  20. Yes I do have Chemo's Ultimate SEO URL's installed, it is version 2.0b.
  21. How do I get Google XML Sitemap to use Ultimate SEO urls?
  22. If Ultimate SEO urls is installed should this contribution show the product names in the xml file? Mine is showing products.php with the id parameter.
  23. There is the well known 'Separate Pricing Per Customer' contribution which allows for separate discounted prices for customers according to their group, however I don't believe this extends to option prices. Has anyone done any work on providing separate option pricing per customer according to group?
  24. Does the discount coupon system work when a secure payment system is being used?
  25. Wondering if it could be due to using a rewrite rule eg: ^filename/(.*)-id-(.*).html$ filename.php?id=$2 Might it be picking up all parameters?