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  1. rhubarb

    Autologon V 2

    Is this contribution 338? There's also an older contribution 2087, is 338 the best one to use? Do either work with SSL?
  2. I've been using opc1.5 for a while and I have an intermittent bug where occassionally the customer name, billing address, and delivery address are not transmitted, they are missing from the order details in the database and from the email. When I output the session data in checkout_process.php SESSION_SSL_ID shows the customer_id and customer_default_address_id, it's the customer, delivery, and billing arrays that are empty, billto and sendto are zero, and the cartID is blank but the cart array is populated with product details. I've seen a couple of posts with missing address issues but not seen any solutions yet. Can anyone help please?
  3. rhubarb

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    Now I've added the webserver's dedicated ip address in the simulator admin, I see that form checkout_confirmation posts to checkout_process.php which loads page /ext/modules/payment/sage_pay/checkout.php and this is the page with the iframe.
  4. I had a similar problem until I added the webserver's dedicated ip address in the simulator admin and then form checkout_confirmation posts to checkout_process.php which loads page /ext/modules/payment/sage_pay/checkout.php and this is the page with the iframe.
  5. rhubarb

    SagePay Server Integration - RESOLVED

    I can't seem to get off first base with this module. So far I've done the following: 1) installed the module 2) created a simulator account 3) set the vendor name to be the same as my simulator account name 4) set the transaction server to be 'Simulator' 5) set the Profile payment page to be 'Low' 6) changed the code in checkout_process.php as per https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/commit/80fb06c35704b1c9a8160bc7f7345cc91145862a How is it meant to work? I was told it uses an iframe, do we have to create and add a php page with an iframe or does this automatically appear in the checkout_confirmation page? I'm seeing everything as normal and when I click confirm in checkout_confirmation it returns to the payment page with a general error. Why do they say it will not work in conjunction with Paypal, is it because of the code change in checkout_process.php (my point 6)? Any advice please?
  6. I solved my problem of the icons not showing, by mistake my ftp program was set to upload as plain text, once set to automatic and re-uploaded then it worked.
  7. The jQuery red gear and green tick icons show to the right of the billing fields on my local server but when the files were uploaded to the remote online server none of the icons would show. I checked all the files exist many times. As a test I copied the html from the checkout page and saved it to an html file then uploaded it and found that all the icons showed on the local server, and on the remote server sometimes the red icons showed (maybe on first load) and always the green tick icon would show adjacent the country field. So the green tick shows on the remote server using the html file but not in the php file. This has really got me baffled, any ideas please?
  8. My One Page Checkout works fine with JQuery v1.3.2 but I found thet JQuery v1.4.2 causes errors on first load, the first error is: "There was an error updating your billing address". Looks like I'm going to have to always include JQuery v1.3.2 and reference this for it to work.
  9. rhubarb


    Can you give me a pointer to this fix please, I'm not finding it. My problem is that the affiliate sales record is not being added.
  10. rhubarb

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    In admin > Vouchers/Coupons > Coupon Admin there's a 'Coupon Description' which has a note along side that says "A description of the coupon for the customer", but where does the customer see this appear?
  11. Hi Chris, I'm also trying to use payment modules other than Paypal, I've got cod and sagepay_form and, whilst it works in IE8, in FF the confirm button does not display, it hangs with "loading setting payment method". I've updated includes/checkout/payment_selection.php. I've also tested with only Paypal standard payments enabled and the same thing occurs. I've got FireBug installed but don't know how to use it properly to see it I get the same error message. I've checked in my checkout.js which is version OPC 1.3 and I see my setPaymentMethod function starts at line 773, so we must have different versions I assume. setPaymentMethod: function ($button){ var checkoutClass = this; this.setModuleMethod('payment', $button.val(), function (data){ if (typeof(data.id) !="undefined"){ selectedM = $(eval(data.id)); /*$('.pay1').each(function(){ if($(this).attr('id')!=selectedM.attr('id')) $(this).css('display',"none"); else $(this).css('display',""); });*/ } }); },
  12. rhubarb

    product_thumb.php problems on PHP5.2.5

    Worked for me too, thanks!
  13. Thanks Steve for the suggestion, however I've tried again after several weeks in IE and FF and the same thing occurs. Any ideas where to start with debugging please?
  14. I've replaced One Page Checkout version 1.06 with 1.3 and now find that the Post Code field checks as ok (green tick) even though it is blank and the minimum number of characters is set to 4 in admin. Any ideas please?
  15. In the latest version 1.3 I've found 26 instances of the site name ShedsForLessDirect in hardcoded messages in the following files: checkout.php and includes\checkout\checkout.js I've replaced 'ShedsForLessDirect' in my files with 'IT Support'.