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  1. mrserv0n

    A drag and Drop Tool, does this exist?

    Here is a pic to help better explain my idea
  2. Hi, I assume it might be flash needed but I would like to make a page where customers can drag products pictures into a box and it calculates the storage size of the accumulative pictures dropped in the box.. Any ideas of plugins or a site that might have an example I could find
  3. Hi I am making a site where customers pay a membership fee and have access to special material. I have an addon that lets me hide/show catalogs to only certain members which is perfect. The problem is if you where to type www.sitename/productid_52 or what ever directly into the browser bar it will take you right into those hidden categories. Grant it noone could guess the URL or have it until its unlocked to them however it will eventually get indexed then a simple google search could get you into the hidden member area. So if I .htaccess the hidden areas a customer that has paid would have to enter a pw everytime they change browser pages in the hidden members area which will not work. So what can I do? Any addons that will suit me I might have missed?
  4. mrserv0n

    Header Tags SEO

    I am running a fresh install, when importing the database files in step 1 do I import both the original and the updated database file or just the updated one? When I installed the original database file I got success but now when Im installing the update one also I get this error Warning: mysql_fetch_field(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/content/m/r/s/mrserv0n/html/includes/functions/database.php on line 121 1062 - Duplicate entry '20' for key 1 INSERT INTO configuration_group (configuration_group_id, configuration_group_title, configuration_group_description, sort_order) VALUES ('20', 'Header Tags SEO', 'Header Tags SEO site wide options', '20') [TEP STOP] Just wondering if I should uninstall the original database install file and just use the update?
  5. hi, I know this contrib exists but cant find it, I want people to be able to purchase without being forced to make an account on the site. Can someone link me this contrib? I have seen another oscommerce site with it on there a while back..