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  1. Thanks, I updated that info. How can i disable GIFT VOUCHER "Gift Voucher FAQ" I don't want this to show up on main page. Becasue when my credit card processing company sees that info there then they believe that I am selling Gift Voucher. Thanks
  2. Hi, I need to disable Vouchers/coupons feature so it won't show up on the customer?s side. My credit card processing company does not allow me to sell gift vouchers. However, I would love to have coupons option but no gifts. Please let me know so i can bring my store live. Thank you, DJDN
  3. djdn


    Hi Merlintx1969, No it didn't work. I changed permission from 644 to 666 didn't work then i changed it to 755 still doesn't work. Now I chmod all corresponding files 755 I have added about 23 other contributions without any error. thanks
  4. djdn


    Hello, I have all installed all correctly, and the oscaffiliate is running ok on the catalog and for affiliates, but I have the problem on admin area. When I go to admin are > Affilates and if I click on any of the following: Summary Affiliates Payment Sales Clicks Banners BOX_AFFILIATE_NEWS BOX_AFFILIATE_NEWSLETTER_MANAGER Contact I get this error I have check admin file access and it's under grean light. However it shows as File(s): 0 and if I clike on store there is no file to store. I have posted this request like 3 times but didn't get any support. Please help me setup this. Regards, DJDN
  5. When I go to admin/ File Access >Affilate and click on store files there are no files to store "File(s): 0" thanks
  6. I fixed the problem with admin access by backing up my database. However I still have problem with Affiliates access.
  7. No I have not. Now if i click on Administration I get this error Access Denied I need someone help to reset the acces for admin and also Affiliates Can someone PLEASE help
  8. Hi, I was playing around with Administrator File Access I accidentally removed the access to admin now I can't even access the admin section. please help me rest this
  9. Thanks Craig, But that didn't help. I checked the Permission for all files from admin file access all of them have grean light. It only happens to Affilate do i need to set the permission manaully? if yes then which files? thanks
  10. Hi, I just installed OSC-Affiliate it seems to be working but when I go to Admin > Affiliate then I get this error "Access Denied No Right Permission Access Please contact your Web Administrator to request more access or if you found any problem." I have config. it eveything is there when I can check affiliate Summary Affiliates Payment Sales Clicks Banners Contact If i click on any of the above I will get the above error. Please help me setup this. Regards, DJDN
  11. Hi, I just installed Shoppe Enhancement Controller v2.2 for osCommerce MS2 with Credit Class and Gift Voucher and having problem with couple thing 1. when I click on Database Backup nothing happens (plz help i really need this feature) 2. I am not able to change the Title. (The Webmakers Corner) I have update my store info from admin area and updated title in english.php for both admin and for catalog. Thank you for your time DJDN
  12. Where can I change define('ADMIN_DEMO',false); // turns on/off Admin Demo Settings? Just wanna try it see if that helps I am having the same problem. Can someone please help us to turn off admin demo Thanks DN
  13. Hi, I am getting the following error when user clicks on "My Account" and in left side it shows.. "1146 - Table 'store.coupon_gv_customer' doesn't exist select amount from coupon_gv_customer where customer_id = '2' [TEP STOP]" Please help me bring my site live. Thank you! Regards, DJDN
  14. djdn

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi, "Thanks for the advice I removed the registered symbol as stated earlier in the post. That seemed to clear up some of the the issues I've bee having. I hope that little buggy is cleared up too" Could you please tell me how you removed symbol R? I am having hard time finding it. Thanks