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  1. Problem solved. I fixed the file osc_template.php. I put now the correct values for columns and container class oscTemplate { var $_title; var $_blocks = array(); var $_grid_container_width = 24; var $_grid_content_width = 16; var $_grid_column_width = 4; >>> correct value. 4 grids for each column. Was 8. lol Hope that this help others. Cya rafael
  2. After all changes. My website starts with this lag, as picture attached. I dont know how fix the lag between left column and main content. any sugestions? the site is i removed all boxes from right column.
  3. Yes... i think that is the road. And after arrange left column, play with grids on main. Ty Multimixer
  4. Thank you very much for your support. Searching on oscommerce forum i see that oscommerce uses only 24 columns, and as you said, i can do the same on 24 columns. Follow atached a simple layout as i need my site. Rafael
  5. But in what file are the <div's> to make the changes? Ty multimixer
  6. Hello folks. I trying to use 960 grid system on my shop, but i need a 12 column. Its possible on oscommerce use 12 column besides 24 as? Ty Rafael
  7. There is someone working to update sts?.. to be compatible with osc 2.3.1? tx Rafael
  8. I will start again the installation. The problem can be because the ultimate SEO URLS ... that i installed too. Thank you for now. Rafael
  9. What file are you talking Jack? the popup?? i only edited the files of the header tags instalattion... Its strange... i checked the header.. aplicattion top, etc and dont found nothing...
  10. hello people.. I installed the header tgas SEO, without errors.. but appear a text on head of index of my site and on product info too. See the images below:""] ""] Helpz thank you Rafael
  11. Hello fellows... I have a little problem on my breadcrumbs links.. See the images below: The words "3.5 inch Screen MP4 MP3 Player" are from my Header Tags Category Title, as you can see on the other image below: So. I need to know how can i change the Header Tags Category Title from my breadcrumb and put the Category Name >> "3.5" MP4 Player" as showed on second Image. Rafael
  12. done a little contribution for your time on support all us.. thank you
  13. Great Bill.... thank you for your time.. Where i do a donate to you?????? Rafael
  14. Hi Bill I used your code... but how i call the specific product for each Buy Now button that i add on my index.php.html page?? I dont know the fuction to call the specific product.. :blink: I tried this: <a href=><img src="images/add_cart.gif" alt="Add To Cart" border="0"></a><br><br> but without success... because doesnt added nothing on my cart... Rafael
  15. Im still having problems with this Addon... on the product_listing.php of addon, my buttons Buy now of my product listing pages and search result pages doesnt worked. So when i replaced the product_listing.php with the original product_listing.php file, the buy now button back to work. so, the problem is on the product_listing.php file from the addon.. There is someone thats knows how to solve this???