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  1. Hi again Chris, you were right! I found this issue resolved by turning off both 'Force cookie use' and 'Check SSL session ID' I had previously tried these one at a time but they had to both be set to 'false'. thanks
  2. Hello again, I just went back and tried my checkout process again to make sure it was still working but now its not either. Its kicking me out and giving me an empty cart. This was working fine before. The only think I've added is ultimate seo urls??
  3. Hello, thanks for getting back to me. I tried the different session settings but none fixed the problem, although I'm not really sure what these should be set to in the first place. I looked at the configure files but they look good. I think if it was the configure file my SSL for the shopping cart wouldn't work either, but it does. If you have any other suggestions I would happily try them. thanks
  4. Hi All, I'm having a problem with my reviews. From the product page when I'm logged in and click 'write a review' the page goes to the login page on my SSL server. If I resubmit my login details it take me to my host website?? I thought the issue might be with my add-on of ultimate seo urls but now I'm not so sure. I've scoured a lot of similar issues but noone seems to have had this one so far. I'm using oscommerce 2.3.1 Any help would be appreciated as I'm stuck here. thanks
  5. Hi, I'm using ups xml 1.3.5 and it works great except for one thing that I think may be a bug. I have my products drop shipped from China (always the same location) so my store is set up in that way. In your setup one of the options is 'UPS Currency Code' and for this I have chosen USD. However, when I process an order the result returns the shipping amount in RMB or Chinese Yuan. I want this to return the shipping cost in USD. Is there something that perhaps I'm missing or is this a bug in the code? thanks
  6. Hello, Everything seems to work except when I add custom meta tags to a category it includes the meta tags for the index.php file. I've looked through to see if I maybe have a box ticked or something but I don't. I also, removed the default tags on the right side of the page to try and get rid of these default tags but that doesn't work either. I'm using Ultimate SEO urls so maybe this is causing a problem?? Any input would really be appreciated. thanks
  7. Hello, Does anyone know how I can get my product images to show up on my product_info.php page? For example, when I click on a main category on the left menu, it goes to that category with 9 products with images in a box. Next when I click on one of these products or images it goes to that product page but the image is not there with the option 'click to enlarge'? I've searched this forum for this issue but have had no luck and none of the contributions mention whether this is a part of their contribution or not? Can anyone help? thanks
  8. Hi All, After installing the SEO Header Tags V3 everything was looking great until I made the changes to the admin side of things and now my admin won't show up. I get just a blank page. Does anyone have any Idea what may be the problem?? thanks
  9. Thanks Wendy, I'll have a look at this contribution. Also, I'm assuming that I should have caching turned 'ON'?? Also, I haven't turned on GZip compression as I don't really know what it does and didn't want to screw anything up. I'll turn it on as well.
  10. Hello everyone, I was told there were some contributions that may help page to download quicker if you have a large database of products. I have over 20,000 products and my pages load very slowly. I have gone through the contributions and can't seem to find anything that would enhance this. Has anyone out there heard or had first hand experience with something along this line that may help??? your help is appreciated. thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with my payment module. I'm using beanstream and got the plugin from their website so I'm assuming their end is working okay. I can go through the purchase process as follows: When I click on 'Add to cart' it goes to my secure server SSL and asks for my login details - I sign in and it goes to checkout_shipping.php, here I click on continue, - it goes to checkout_payment.php and I fill in my credit card info and click 'Continue' - it goes to checkout_confirmation.php - I click on 'Confirm Order' - this is where it screws up and goes back to the login page. I've tried everything suggested in the forum regarding beanstream but to no avail. Is there anyone who can help me with this issue?? Any help would be appreciated. thanks Shell
  12. Hi Miles, I'm having a similar problem with beanstream and wondered if you ever got yours resolved and if so, how?? thanks Shell