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  1. Thanks. I'll take a look at it. Could you point me to the contribution that you uploaded? Thanks. Mark
  2. I am really interested in this script but from all the posts that I've read, I'm not clear if it is fully working at this point. And if it will work with a version of MS2. Does anyone have the latest information on this script? Thanks. :)
  3. marklbishop

    Adding fields to products - need feedback

    I'm just curious. I am looking at creating a solution for this issue. But has there already been progress on this contribution?
  4. marklbishop

    Links Manager?

    There is but it doesn't seem to work too well. :roll: I just typed in - osc links - the title of the contrib I was looking for, and it brought up 40 contribs to choose from - none of which were the proper one. When I added quotes, it only brought up one - the wrong one. Oh well. This is less of a complaint, and more of an observation. However, I am so appreciative of all the people who are so quick to help out on this forum. Thanks. :bigups:
  5. marklbishop

    Links Manager?

    Thanks Kim. You're always on the ball and so helpful. (Off topic) I wish there was a way to more easily search contributions. Or a consistent naming convention to allow for easier scanning. Mark
  6. marklbishop

    Links Manager?

    I'm still looking for this contribution. Can soneone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  7. marklbishop

    Event Calender

    Sven: How do you like that contribution? Does it work well? Can you show me where it is working? Thanks
  8. marklbishop

    WYSIWYG Product Editor and Macs??

    Any update on this contribution?
  9. marklbishop

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    No. These were POP3 accounts. What's wierd is that I can create fake email addresses and it works just fine in my home office computer, but on other computers it doesn't work. But even that, I've tested on different OSs, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I don't think I ever used a web based email address to test it out.
  10. marklbishop

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    I actually just sent someone a GV to another computer, and it still doesn't work. :( If the SID Killer is a problem, it's not the only problem for me.
  11. marklbishop

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    I'm surprised I haven't read about this. But maybe I was just searching for the wrong posts. Should I try to uninstall the existing Killer SID code, or just leave it as false and then install the other one on top of it?
  12. marklbishop

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    By the way, that live in two weeks goal will not happen. Feel free to make fake orders to test it out if you wish. You'll see "Orders will not be deivered nor charged." on the top of the page as long as it's not live.
  13. marklbishop

    Gift Voucher Redemption Problem...

    I have more testing ahead, but it seems to work now. So I assume this means I need to keep the SID Killer off to use my gift vouchers. That doesn't make me happy. :cry: Is this normal? Is there a work around? Is this something specific to the Loaded Snapshot? Thanks for the input.
  14. I'm using Ian's loaded from Feb. 17th. Everything seems to be working well, except I'm having issues with redeeming Gift Vouchers. My problem is that when I send a Gift Voucher, the email is sent, but when someone clicks onto the Redeem GV page, and then tries to sign up for a new account, often (sometimes it works but I can't put my finger on when) it just takes someone back to the home page. It's very frustrating :?. And for a new user, it's utterly confusing. Redeeming at time of checkout works fine, and I may end up changing the directions and the email and tell people just to enter their code at checkout - but I don't want to resort to that. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any thought on what is going on here? By the way, the site is NOT live so if you want to sign up for an account to test it out, feel free. As of March 17th 2003, items will not be sent, orders will not be filled, credit cards will not be charged. I'm hoping the site can go live in about two more weeks. The site is: http://www.wowandzen.com/index.php Thanks. Mark