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  1. lawatches

    Supertracker Development

    I am doing advertising with google adwords . the supertracker helps me to track what exactly people search for and where they come from. I also can see the number of click they made, which is great. often people come , spend couple minutes, visit few pages and then leave without sale. supertracker does say the last page that a person clicked on. I think, however, that the last page is not always a good reason of leaving the website. sometimes there are some pages in between that needs revisions, fixing. Supertracker, unfortunately does not show those pages and therefore I have no clue what exactly made the customer to leave the website without adding a product to their cart or without attempting to buy. finally , I just wanted to add that Supertracker is a great contribution and that I would like to take the time thanking the person who made this contribution available to the community. thanks and god bless.
  2. I am a newb. please help! I just completed installing the PWA1.2.3 . when I click on "add to cart" , it goes to a page with three options, which is right. However, if I click on "order without account", it will go back to the "add to cart" page. How can I fix this problem? I tried posting this before and I did not get any answer. any help will be greatly appreciated. Dan
  3. I just read the problem another user had and i noticed that they added a field into my php called agent. How can I add that field? sorry , I am so new tracy
  4. I just tried installing super tracker and this is the error I am getting. Please help. tracy 1054 - Unknown column 'agent' in 'field list' INSERT INTO `supertracker` (`ip_address`, `browser_string`, `country_code`, `country_name`, `referrer`,`referrer_query_string`,`landing_page`,`exit_page`,`time_arrived`,`last_click`, `agent`) VALUES ('','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071008 Firefox/','us', 'United States', '', '','/','/index.php','2007-10-24 16:27:11','2007-10-24 16:27:11','') [TEP STOP]
  5. lawatches

    Please Please Please some one help me

    :( Can any one tell me how I can remove all the taxes , so no customer get charge? I deleted everything under Location taxes. I do not have any tax set up under zone or class. Still when I go to check out, I get taxed and I get taxed multiple times. What is wrong? Please help