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  1. nickspurck

    Install Help

    To sum it up, what goes in what folder in a default installation? I see some things I have to make a copy of for english and normal? It appears to be anything but easy as I've tried all day to put it in and had to reset my site many times.. HELP! Nick
  2. nickspurck

    Install Help

    Okay, First let me apologize for being such a noob, but I've read the entire thread and only 1 post came close to expounding on the "just drop it over an installation" approach. I tried dropping these files into my /catalog directory and everything on my commerce site went blank. Did hit the replace button on like files. I restored to the original and am fine now, but could you elaborate a little more on installation in noob speak. DO the image files go in the catalog/image folder? and only the php only go in the /catalog folder? should this be going in the catalogue/install folder. Again any pointers or more clarification would be appreciated since just dropping it all in that folder doesn't seem to work and there aren't any directories specified. I love OSCOMMERCE already, but am on week 1 of development. Thanks in advance and thanks for what looks like a great contribution. Nick
  3. nickspurck

    Output to Paypal not sufficient

    OK, After much digging I think this will get you and I 90% there (it worked for me) Install V2 as directed...took me a while first module installation and all. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679 This fixed my problem for getting the order detail to return. Now, if someone could give me a pointer on how to change the Payment method from saying, "Payment Method: MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_T" I'd be extremely grateful. I can probably figure it out messing with it, but a quick answer would save me time tomorrow night. Thanks to myself for the first answer HEH, And thanks in advance if someone can answer part two. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you too Ctrl-T. Nick
  4. nickspurck

    Output to Paypal not sufficient

    This is my first day on OS Commerce, seems like a great tool. I read a post somewhere about this very thing and am now experiencing it myself. I made a test purchase, the paypal payment simply has my company name in the order. No where in the OS Admin can I see what the customer actually purchased. I remember reading in the post about this happening if a customer doesn't go back to your site. There was a solution, but now I can't find the darn posting after looking for an hour. I can't see in OS Admin where it gives me a version of the Paypal module. Sorry I'm such a noob, but I too am having the same problem. Nick