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  1. hi all, does anyone know of a contribution or an amend to allow osC to display 2 currencies at the same time as well as switching to the different currencies available? e.g. Title: My Big Book GBP Price: ?9.99 EUR Price: ?15.99 Thanks. M.
  2. mikeuk


    Hi, I was in the same situation but I contacted the guy that did the script and he modded the code to accept 3 different currencies. works a treat now.
  3. mikeuk

    Product Sales Rank Support

    Hi oldmonkey, I have had a look at your contrib, which sounds brilliant and was wondering if there is a live website which I can see this working on. thanks.
  4. Has anyone used the BarclayCard ePDQ contribution, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,430 , ePDQv1.02? I am not a PHP programmer, not as yet anyway! and I have had a look at the admin and the code and I am now concerned that the contribution only works with one currency type, e.g. GBP. Is there a way for the ePDQ contribution to accept multiple currencies, e.g. EURO, USD??? For example, have the admin in the back-end to see if the currency has changed to non-default currency. If found to be a different currency, then switch to the correct ePDQ Currency Admin to accept the new value?? I hope someone can help here! ;)
  5. I have got 3 zones that I have set up. UK Europe USA I have set up USA delivery in the Zones Rates section, so its a fixed price to how I want it, as its priced differently to the other 2. This works fine. UK and Europe have the same delivery prices and is set up in Table Rates section. But.... Heres the bit i'm stuck on.... I ONLY need to ADD VAT/TAX to UK ONLY, but... NOT VAT/TAX to EUROPE . Has anyone done this??? Is this possible? I have been stuck on this racking my brain for 2 whole weeks now. I am soooo stuck here! :( I Look forward to all your suggestions and help.
  6. mikeuk

    download module

    Does anyone have a demo website with downloads on that I could have a look at?