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  1. Hi All, its been a while since i have posted on the support forums. i was recently contacted by Amazon asking if i wanted to join their merchants program, i have about 400+ items and wanted to know if there was an add-on that would export the store product to a compatible amazon store feed, like the froogle add-on? but must be for the UK amazon store, i guess... does anyone know if something like that is available, did a quick search and couldn't find anything. any help is always appreciated. Regards.
  2. I am looking for a contribution so that on the product page of a pet store i am developing, there will be a text box where a customer can add some text to personalize the item they are buying. Anyone have a link to a contribution that can do this?
  3. Hi, I am having a problem with the seo url contribution on my oscommerce store, I initially set it up in a subdirectory /art2/ and installed the contribution then last night when I decieded to go live I replace my old store with the new one in directory /art/ I tried resetting the seo url cache but the urls are still trying to go to old directory /art2/ I have duplicated my site to both folders now so the site is running but do you have any idea what I can do to correct this so the site only runs from one directory. I have tried running DELETE FROM cache WHERE cache_name LIKE '%seo_urls%' on the database but this had no affect. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Kathryn http://www.mazoo.co.uk
  4. Hi I have had this running on my site for a while now, great contribution, at the moment i have my shop in a sub directory so i can only tell if someone if refered directly into the shop, i have a html homepage in my site root, can this page be modified to include supertracker so i can tell who is refered to the homepage as well? Kind regards Kathryn.
  5. mazoo

    bidhopper feed problem

    Same problem here i want to know how to display the correct price for UK shops, i also have the ultimate url add on installed and it still generates .php instead of the new html extentions?? any ideas??