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  1. Hmmm.... tried your fix, still can't get it to login :( Getting: Social Login Failure, please go back and try again. And when outputting the error i get: it was not possible to open the OAuth access token URL: 0 could not connect to the host "graph.facebook.com" Could you share your login_with_facebook.php? :)
  2. wex


    Hmm difficult one ;) Guess you would do a database output which get the customers previously ordered products There you would have to join the tables customers, orders, order_products to get an output of alle the ordered products. and then in the products_info.php you would do a if ($products_model == $customer_ordered_products) { show review } else { echo 'Only people who bought the product can review it.'; } There you got the outline :D
  3. Quite simple. Find "popup_add_image.php", go to line 117. Change: <body onLoad="resize();"> Replace with: <body style="background-color:#D1D0B6" onLoad="resize();"> This would change the whole popup window's background color. Hope it helps :)
  4. Hello Paul, I took a look, and some simple basic tips could be: Check: include/applications_top.php - contains: // BOF: Additional Images require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'displayimages.php'); // EOF: Additional Images Try re-uploading: includes/classes/displayimage.php And finally make sure product_info.php - is untouched near: // BOF: Additional Images $additional_images = new displayimages ( $product_info['products_id'] ); // EOF: Additional Images Hope it helps, Regards Marco "wex" Johannesen
  5. Hey Davidgalore, I tried using WinMerge on your product_info.php. And nothing popped up. Are you sure it isnt in the file where you define FILENAME_POPUP_ADD_IMAGE the problem is? I dosent like you have any other contributions yet, so you might wanna do a fresh overwrite from the Additional Images folder(BACKUP FIRST!). Try looking in "include/filenames.php" does it contain // BOF: Additional Images define('FILENAME_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES', 'additional_images.php'); //additional images define('FILENAME_POPUP_ADD_IMAGE', 'popup_add_image.php'); //additional images // EOF: Additional Images
  6. Brilliant idea, indeed. The problem? The core might change in the final version, and thats not considering if it ever comes. :(
  7. Are you sure you dont have OSCMAX or something? Do you use oSC 2ms2?
  8. Hm... How would you use that with this contrib? I got "GD libary (bundled (2.0.28 compatible)" installed, which it normally uses. Did you customize it to work on php5, or did you do anything to make it work? Ive tried 100 things, it just wont create those stupid thumbnails :(
  9. Hello everybody, Has anyone got this contrib working on php5/SQL5? I cant get it to create the thumbmails.
  10. wex

    Additional Images

    What version are you using, 2ms2 or rc1?
  11. wex

    Ajax Order Editor

    Thank you very much for your response. We have two Tax's added. Both on 25%(Moms). All prices are shown including Taxes. The Order Editor executes adding the taxes fine. To me it dosent seem possibly its the taxes. Since i adds it perfectly, plus tax is 25% - the Order Editor adds 2%. You can see an example here(I blurred out the private info). The site is in danish so it might look weird. As you cant see the products are identical. The upper product is bought via the shop. The Second is added via the order editor. PS. Is a fix for the SPECIALS price found yet?
  12. wex

    Ajax Order Editor

    First off.. GREAT contribution. This function should be a "standard" in OSC though. Thx for the PHP5 fix, it really helped me when we moved servers. I have 1 problem though. When i add products via the "Ajax Order Editor" with the Ajax Search. I takes a weird cost price. It adds 0,02 - 0,03% to costprice. (Etc. "GP Thunder H1 - 8500K - 100W 225" costs 225,- DKK, but the contribution sets the price to 230,- DKK) The weird thing is, that i cannot find anywhere the contrib calculates a price, which means it has to be a conflict with the org. OSC? Any ideas anybody?
  13. wex

    help whit page editor

    Page Editor for Osc 3.0a4 ? Where?
  14. Hey fellow OSC users. I was looking over the "roadmap" and saw "Insert a sub-category". And i was thrilled, i have long bin looking for a fix for the 2.2 which allowed for for "sub category listing". And hoped 3.0a4 now had it. But i simply cant find it, so im thinking i might have misunderstood the implementation. Is it possible to make sub-categories in osc 3.0a4 ? The way things are now, you would do: And with subcategories you could do: Ex. im maintaining a carstyling retailer which have 2 categories of items Universal and Car-specific - which would suit the idea of sub-categories. Ofcourse the normal thing would just make them second level categories, but it would limit the choices and really not give a fair userfriendly structure. The reason i ask, is i see the first example all the time, and in a userfriendly aspect it really isnt that great.
  15. The soloution removes the arrows, but what would you do to make it fit ur "idea" ? So you would get Sports - Football - Soccer - Basketball etc. ?