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  1. We has an issue with the Admin Approve process.  

    Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=21752 in /home/ozeworks/public_html/support/xxxxxx/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 53
    2006 - MySQL server has gone away

    update fraudlabs_pro set fraudlabspro_status='APPROVE' where order_id = '5144'

    [TEP STOP]

    2006 - MySQL server has gone away

    select 1 from sessions where sesskey = '0bc4c6a91bbfca74f41060b7986defdc'

    [TEP STOP]


    Updating max_allowed_packet to 1GB did not fix.

    Looking at the https://apps.oscommerce.com/HboCa  V 1.3.5 must be out of date.

    Attached is our patched version. Tested on Fraudlabs Pro osCommerce 2.3. 



  2. The bottom lins is Authroize.net wants people to move to their new API and I believe the core of that relates to recurring billing and customer records etc. to be PCI compliant both ends (site and authorize.net). 

    They are not going to let you use methods that violate PCI on their end. If you do recurring billing and/or use CIM, you will probably end up with a problem. 

    So at some stage the team need to develop a new Authorize.net module based on the new API.



  3. Authorize.net have announced AIM and SIM have reached end of life. They will no longer be supported but you will be able to keep using them..

    Specifically their APIs will remain available but not be upgraded. If any PCI compliance changes occur in the future (simple for example you had to collect Card Type as part of the transaction) these APIs will not meet them and you therefore would be not compliant if you continued to used them.

    Read full notice here https://support.authorize.net/s/article/Recurring-Billing-Flag-Rebill-Feature-End-of-Life-Overview

    There is new API available. See https://developer.authorize.net/api/  and osCOmmerce will need to work to provide a module to use with MS 2.2/2.3. 

    So bottom line there is no date associated with this.  Your payment modules will continue to work.  If/when an osCommerce Add On is released using the new API you should upgrade to it. 

  4. For anyone using International Checkout (or thinking to) they have gone out of business.

    You will just get a 404 page not found when you try and use it. https://www.internationalcheckout.com/cart.php 

    When queried about the error, they stated:


    It is with great sadness that I must inform you International Checkout has gone out of business. We are currently in the process of working through and attempting to fill all orders that have been placed with you. It is our hope that all customer orders for which we have purchased from you will be delivered to the end customer within the next week. Our cart is no longer functioning. We encourage you to remove the International Checkout button as soon as possible. Any orders we received  after February 4th have been canceled (customers were not charged for these orders and they have not been placed by IC into your system). Customers were notified their order has been canceled and that they were not charged for their order. All IC customer data will be transferred and controlled by a court appointed trustee in the coming week and purged accordingly. We understand this is short notice and we wish we had more time to ramp down our closure, however the process requires us to move quickly. 



  5. Just a note for people use the older MS2.2 / Rc2a USPS V4 module there are service name changes to Domestic you will need to make changing Standard Post to Retail Ground.  It will be in several places in the code.


    Also the name changes from being Registered Mark to a Trademark.


    'USPS Retail Ground tradmrk' => 'USPS Retail Ground tradmrk',


    Uninstall and reinstall to test.   Don't forget to keep your USPS ID to add back when you reinstall.


    See https://www.usps.com...lease-notes.rtf


    Other changes (Flat Rate boxes as a container) do not seem to impact the old module.


    Switch your current module to $usps_server = 'stg-production.shippingapis.com' to test impact

  6. Just a note for people use the older MS2.2 / Rc2a USPS V4 module there are service name changes to Domestic you will need to make changing Standard Post to Retail Ground.  It will be in several places in the code.


    Uninstall and reinstall to test.   Don't forget to keep your USPS ID to add back when you reinstall.


    See https://www.usps.com/business/web-tools-apis/2016-jan-webtools-release-notes.rtf


    Other changes (Flat Rate boxes as a container) do not seem to impact the old module.


    Switch your current module to $usps_server = 'stg-production.shippingapis.com' to test impact

  7. It would be good to get an official response from the osCommerce team but this will largely depend on what version of osCommerce you are running. the PayPal module you are using and your hosting environment. Over at Zencart (an old osCommerce clone) they say it won't effect the code but they have advised


    PayPal's update is occurring in 2 stages: A VeriSign G2-to-G5 Root Certificate Upgrade, and then a SHA-256 SSL certificate.

    And, strictly speaking, those changes have NO IMPACT on the PHP code used in Zen Cart. But they do affect underlying server technologies used on your webserver.

    1. VeriSign Root Certificate Upgrade:
    We've already tested Zen Cart against the PayPal sandbox, which is already using the Verisign G5 Root Certificate, and it works fine. But that's because the webservers we tested on already have the Verisign G5 Root Certificate authority files installed. Your host can help you with this. See the link below.

    2. SHA-256 SSL certificate
    PayPal isn't updating the "api-3t.paypal.com" endpoint (used in Zen Cart v1.3.x and v1.5.x) until June 2016 (and sandbox too, so we can't test that just yet; nevertheless, it's a server config thing, not a Zen Cart thing).
    But in 2015 there is a big push for all webservers to start using SHA-256 SSL certificate chains. As such, you should ensure that your hosting company properly updates your server's SSL certificate store.

    a) PayPal offers some advice for your hosting company here: https://ppmts.custhelp.com/ci/fattac...20English).pdf

    b) And you can also ask your hosting company to fix any SSL problems reported for your site as mentioned in #3 above.

  8. We have successfully implemented UPS dimensional shipping.  It does require some fine tuning in terms of product dimensions and box sizes to get it to calculate correctly but that effort is largely on the user side although we did have to add a debugger to see what was being sent to UPS so we could then match rates with their site. 

  9. I agree this is going to be a bit of a nightmare but the overall objective is to get people to ship more appropriately.  Stop companies shippnig small items in huge boxes which take up a lot of room on planes and trucks.


    FedEx and UPS XML module both allow for dimensions.  I have only see FedEx in action so far.  As far as I understand you:


    1 have to record the dimensions for each product.  

    2. You also get to define the dimensions of your shipping boxes.

    3. You can set individual products to ship in their own box.

    4. Everything else is assumed to be put into one or more of your defined shipping boxes.  


    So you have an order with 4 items. One ships on its own so its cost is calculated separate to the other 3.  The other 3 weigh less than the 70 lbs max limit per box so they are going to go into one box if they fit. IF not they are going to be treated as two or more boxes.  


    But the issue is which box size?  I guess there is some formula that works out the best match.  And I am assuming it could be more than one box.  And if you have an item that does not fit a defined box then what?




    I don't think we can just record the dimensional weight of each item and pass the total to the API because that you are going to be charged the dimensional weight of the actual shipping box.  


    Also there are items that can be folded so what dimension are you going to use anyway? Folding does not make the lighter and theoretically not smaller.  But it can effect the size of shipping box they fit into.

  10. I am also having trouble working out which module maps to the PayPal Advanced Payments service.


    I looked at the demo and when I try to checkout I get an error saying "This content cannot be displayed in a frame".


    Which one of these is PayPal Advanced?



    PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) (paypal_express; Sandbox)    THIS IS PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT


    PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) (paypal_standard; Sandbox)  THIS IS THE PAYPAL IPN MODULE


    Credit or Debit Card (paypal_pro_dp; Sandbox)


    PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) (paypal_pro_hs; Sandbox)


    PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) (paypal_pro_payflow_hs; Sandbox  

  11. FedEx module is working fine however I have a couple of suggestions. Why not in the config area put a link back to this thread and/or the module download AND more importantly put the version number in it so it is easy to know?


    Also is there a way to display Estimated Delivery Dates?

    Feel free to update the Add On with your recommendations. EDD is a good question and you would need to read the FedEx developer documentation to see if their API returns EDD. I am also looking at that right now.