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  1. ozEworks provide commercial development services to all versions of osCommerce including MS 2.2., RC(2)a, 2.3, Phoenix as well as forks such as ZenCart.  We have twenty years experience with osCommerce and are official osCommerce Development Partners.  See ozEworks.com 

  2. qdPM, open source project management is great for small teams working on osCommerce projects

  3. osCommerce is a core eCommerce solution that is meant to be taken and built upon. Any development by the team is from a technical perspective. Functional development is up to the individual and/or community.

  4. Magento is dead; long live osCommerce

    1. ozEworks


      For those who don't get it. Magento will be absorbed into XCommerce.

    2. nvedia


      Magento is dead or would be soon, I agree but the main question is where is oscommerce going? Is it really developing at the pace it was few years ago?

    3. ozEworks


      People forget that osCommerce is an ecommerce engine. You are supposed to use it as a basis to develop a custom solution. It is not trying to be all things to all people like Magento and its ilk are. Bulking up the code with functionality that is 80% unused and introducing bugs.

      So it is what it is. Its upgrades are technical. MS3 is just published. What technical upgrades does it need?