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    Embed Links with SID in Description

    HI The original info_pages.php says <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo stripslashes("$page_check[pages_html_text]"); ?></td> </tr> There is only one place it has this.
  2. ozEworks

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Hi I am so happy to find this contribution. I wanted to use it in other places too. I wanted to do with Information pages. I edited info_pages.php and changed <?php echo stripslashes("$page_check[pages_html_text]"); ?> to become <?php echo embedded_href_replace($page_check['pages_html_text']); ?> but the link does not work. The first information page displays but when I click the link which looks like this in the page <a href="%%+info_pages.php?pages_id=21%%-">open source</a> the link keeps the %% ..../%%+info_pages.php?pages_id=21%%- and so I get page not found. Any clues? Also I wanted to for this for Articles too but could not even find a line I thought was the one to change :) thanks Kym
  3. ozEworks

    [Contribution] Multi Pickup

    Does this cater for stock control at each store?
  4. ozEworks

    Contributions Database

    I am not interested in MS3. I have a huge investment in MS2.2 which most of these contributions pertain to so does everyone else here.
  5. It is great we have contributions but you can spend hours wading thru them to see if there is something to match your needs and it is only going to get worse. Why can't we set up contributions in an osCommerce store as downloadable products and have them properly categories and searchable? also we need to separately see: 1. New contributions (new not updated) 2. Updated contributions (updated not new) 3. Best sellers 4. Cross sell We could have the customer add products feature so people could add their own. We could also have product extra fields and set it up so every contribution has the same descriptive format with some mandatory fields instead of relying on people to explain them properly in an intro. We would also rate how hard they are to install: simple, medium, hard, complex based on average skills. We could do quite a bit actually. This possible?
  6. ozEworks

    Contributions Database

    am I the only one that has trouble with finding things? I mean you search on a word and you get matches that don't make sense. The new contributions list is a mix of new and updated ones. Some contributions are so flaky we should have a rating system and get them removed On that note, some contributions are so old they don't even apply anymore. If this was all in an osCommerce store using downloadbale products, the searching would be a whole lot better. It is easier to search for contribitions using Google than actually in Contributions.
  7. ozEworks

    FAQDesk v1.01.0 Support

    I have the same issue. On the faqdesk_index page the top level categories display as subcategories. Once you go down a level it is fine. I have a heavily modified site so just reinstalling is not going to help me. I saw a patch that sounded like it had something to do with this but was referring to a /boxes program and not the main index one. Is this a known bug? (Unfortunately due to an NDA I cannot give the url.)
  8. ozEworks

    Which contribution is this?

    It is pretty much what yuo think it is. But you have two ways you can do it. 1. look for a contrubution that lets you display the first "x" characters of the product description on your product listing page "x" is controlled inside the code not admin. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ing+description I think that it is. 2. look for a contribution that lets you have a short and a long product description. short being for the listing, long being for the product details. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...uct+description this is only one of them
  9. ozEworks

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Wow this is a long post. Any chance of starting a new topic on feeds and getting a summary of the current status? I read a post dated yonks ago: Amazon: Feed API Found BizRate: Completed Froogle: Completed MySimon: Feed API Needed PriceGrabber: Feed API Needed Shopping.com: Feed API Needed Yahoo.com: Completed But I later read some work was being done on Shopping.com - any update on that one? I could not find anything but I could be blind thanks
  10. ozEworks

    Browsable osC MS2 Xref

    Hi I wanted to see what this was all about but the demo's are no longer there. Anyway to see it in action?
  11. ozEworks

    CC module | More cards, issue number, ccv

    How up to date is the advice on this?
  12. ozEworks

    St. George IPG intergration or contribution.

    go ask on snowman's site. it has a forum
  13. ozEworks

    St. George Bank Integration (Australia)

    No but we had that once. But our main problem is we are trying to get this to run on Windows and it won't. It is a pure Linux solution and unfortunatley St. George do not support an PHP/Windows API.
  14. This is a new contribution that looks really useful but it has been done "outside" of the oscommerce structure. Can anyone make it an option you can run under Admin in line with osCommerce code?
  15. So I read that HTCA means Categories and it only works for category pages. What was not answered as far as I can see is what ticking/not itcking these boxes does. Is there anywhere that explains the use of these boxes options?
  16. ozEworks

    [Contrib] Make An Offer

    Hi I have been following this but I could not get to that last link Kym
  17. ozEworks

    [Contribution] Category Tabs

    So we solved it. Sort order is very important. We made all the top level categories have a sort order of 1 and they showed up
  18. ozEworks

    Contributions Database

    anyway we can download the contributions "database" to create our own searchable one?
  19. ozEworks

    request sitemap translation into spanish

    That is so funny. Not only are there - there are ones that sell spanish lessons. contact stace20 - she might help you.
  20. ozEworks

    request sitemap translation into spanish

    The Spanish language files come as standard to osCommerce. All those terms you list as standard osCommerce features. So they cannot be too wrong. Since you have been waiting since June 24 for this and it does not look like anyone is interested, why not post what you think they should be and see if anyone will correct then for you?
  21. ozEworks

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi - getting off topic I know but what is the five click rule? When you you starting counting?
  22. ozEworks

    [Contribution] Category Tabs

    can you tell meyou mean by tab_order should be different? I am doing this for a French store too.
  23. ozEworks

    Importing customer information?

    then modify easypopulate to do it or do it using standard SQL within your database Admin.
  24. ozEworks

    request sitemap translation into spanish

    All these terms are probably already in the Spanish language files except Site Map. And Site Map is often SiteMap in other languages. So go thru the other spanish language files and copy the translations!
  25. ozEworks

    Ultimate SEO URLs v3.0 Features

    You want pure MS2.2 with articles and info. pages? Did you get one?