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    Beginner's Guide To Developing Templates

    You need to slice it into HTML and then integrate it either by hand coding or using a template system. Sounds like the STS is the one you want.
  2. ozEworks

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    We once wrote a version that downloaded in one go using multiple php transactions so there was no timeout issue ever to deal with. If you want this code to include the technique into the current QBI then PM me.
  3. ozEworks

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    There is a limit to how long a php transaction can run. You might be able to increase the limit. Failing that the code needs to break the transaction into "sections".
  4. ozEworks

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have a client who sells items that comes in sizes. His current website appears to treat these as individual products. Each with a model number. They are talking of going with Products and Attributes. But their Product has a model number and then teh Attribute has a number too. So we can add a model number to Attributes but how is this going to map to their QB file? I read it can cope with 2 attributes per product. But what does an attribute equate to in QB?
  5. ozEworks

    What if i have a merchant account that is not listed

    Anita Can you explain the update you made to the contribution? You posted a new file and all the comment says is "merchant?. thanks Kym
  6. ozEworks

    Low Stock Report v2.0

    I installed the latest version. When you get the report you can click on a link. I expected the link to be to the product but I am getting a list of products with the product somewhere in the list. Why is that? Can't the link direct be direct to update stock?
  7. ozEworks

    Live Support - Which one???

    As far as I am aware the latest version of phponline was reported to have a security issue. I would look at a solution called Craft Syntax.
  8. ozEworks

    Authorize.net Manual Payment

    Hi I am trying to find out which contribution Authorize.net Manual Payment http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4139 refers to when it says Manual Order Entry. It is not the one I have installed as the program it refers to is not part of that one. So I am guessing if it is Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry BETA http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1526 thanks Kym
  9. ozEworks


    It is not stored at all. You'll have to modify it to do that but if you do you will have to secure Admin and make sure you encrypt the CC number in the database.
  10. ozEworks

    Ajax Buy Now

    This has stopped working under IE7 only on some servers. You add to cart and it just sits there spinning its wheels. If you stop the page using the browser stop and refresh, it is there in the cart. Do you have any idea what it could be about a server and IE7 combination that would be doing this?
  11. ozEworks

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    I think the answer was that this page is not an index page like most. It has to be called with a special news desk item as part of the call.
  12. Manual processing is manual processing. You get the csrd number and you process it outside of osc. Your solution is to do real time processing.
  13. ozEworks

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Hi I used this with Quickbooks Pro 2005 but had a client then say it would not work with his 2004. Now I have a customer who wants to go 2006 and I want to know if anyone is using it with 2006 yet? thanks Kym
  14. ozEworks

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    I read the FAQ on newsdesk_index.php not displaying and to me it looks like that particular FAQ is corrupt. So what is the answer to newsdesk_index.php showing a blank page? thanks
  15. ozEworks

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    thanks. I will try that.
  16. ozEworks

    Paymentech contribution

    okay we fixed one - but Nashville?
  17. ozEworks

    Paymentech contribution

    We still get the 337 error even though we applied the patch. Anyone have any ideas? Also it gives a choice of Tampa or Salem and our client has told us "Nashville" network. This a new one? How do we handle that?
  18. ozEworks

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Hi Newsdesk is a complicated contribution. There are also several programs related to newdesk that need to change and several lines within it as you can have the link in the summary description as well as the long one. But for the program that displays the full listing that you referenced I had changed to: <php? echo embedded_href_replace($product_info_values['newsdesk_article_description']); ?> It is acting like the function is not called.
  19. ozEworks

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Okay. Well I have conquered: 1. Product descriptions 2. Articles 3. Info-pages 4. FAQDesk but I am stuck on Newsdesk.
  20. ozEworks

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Hi I am not I have this installed properly (I did not install it). In Admin, I can see the referral source in the customer listing but if they chose "Other" I don't see the extra field. If I click on a customer and see their full details, none of the referral sources are shown. With the Referal report, I get a list of sources with the number of times used. I seem to be able to mouse over the lines and it acts like I could click on it and perhaps drill down to see the details but if I click nothing happens. So is my version not working properly? thanks
  21. ozEworks

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    My version does not ask them to enter anything other than their email address when subwscribing so of course there will be no names. When it syncs with the Customer table and new Customer are added then those details are there. I am using the 3 Jan 2006 version of newsletters.php. I don't have gender in my newsletter details.
  22. ozEworks

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    My version created a different error but I found that it was simply a syntax error. I deleted all the commented out code so I could have a clean program and all I found was a missing } at the end of my version. Can't tell you which version I had but it was after 0.50 from the code. PM me and I can send you a copy of mine and you can see if it works.
  23. ozEworks

    Embed Links with SID in Description

    Hi Well I had a great time making a great mess. After getting what you said to do in place it still did not work and I could not work out why. Guess what? It turned out that the page I was trying to do was an Index page which gets called from index.php so I had to change that too. Now I am off to do more testing and changes. thanks
  24. I installed this and modified it quite a bit to use it as a Contribution and Bug Tracker. We also use it for Custom Code notes. Anyone interested let me know.
  25. ozEworks

    FAQDesk v1.01.0 Support

    I got someone to look at my problem. He tells this is the way it is supposed to display. I think I was tricked by my design. Categories is just a page heading. The top level categories display under a heading called Subcategories and if you press one the headings change. I am going to change my language file as the way it is now it not at all intuitive to users.