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  1. I have not used this module only the old Canada Post one. What I am trying to work out is if it is possible to write a delivery estimator. If we enter a post code we want to be able to say the earilest time the item could arrive. I know the older module has a turn around time which I thought was how soon you could ship. So does this module come back with an ETA?
  2. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    Not as far as I know
  3. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    That one's last update is 26 Oct 2008? It works for this new requirements what it is?
  4. ozEworks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    The web page says If you are not using the "onlinetools.ups.com" domain, you can find out if your system supports SSL Version 3.0 and the new type of Digital Certificate by connecting to the Customer Integration Environment (CIE) to test. Does this module call onlinetools.ups.com? I tried to look in the code and could not see it.
  5. ozEworks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    UPS just announced changes to its tools in terms of SSL and XML. http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources...accelerate.html Will this effect this module? This is what the email annoucement said UPS OnLine® Tools Upgrade Notification You are receiving this communication to notify you of a change that could affect your UPS OnLine Tools implementation beginning July 11, 2009. Action is required to ensure that the change does not adversely impact your business and use of the tools. On July 11, 2009, UPS is updating the infrastructure for the Rate, Ship and Track UPS OnLine XML Tools. This change should not impact the existing XML interfaces, but does require testing within the Customer Integration Environment (CIE). You will need to test these changes with your system by connecting to the applicable CIE URL listed below. If you have more than one tool, each will need to be tested separately. UPS Tracking Tool: https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Track UPS Shipping Tool: (Ship Confirm) https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ShipConfirm UPS Shipping Tool: (Ship Accept) https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ShipAccept UPS Rates and Service Selection Tool: https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate Support To learn more about the changes taking place, please go to: http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources...accelerate.html.
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    CyberSource payment module

    Anyone tried to use Cybersource with AVS matching? Cybersource do what they call a "soft" decline which means they put a hold on the card so the customer looks like they will get charged but the cybersource module is returning a code that makes the site report an error message saying card declined and so of course we don't get an Order.
  7. ozEworks

    ?Peachtree CSV Export?

    Did anyone get this working with 2007 version?
  8. ozEworks

    Shipping FROM different locations?

    You need to install Multi-vendor shipping I think.
  9. ozEworks

    USPS rate increase may 12 2008

    If you compare the before and after XML code changes they provide in the detailed document, you can see changes marked in green. So there looks like there are some change to both domestic and International that perhaps we have to make. Someone who knows this API needs to advise.
  10. Got it to work with the require_once change as well
  11. I don't know whether to try this or Master Slave. If I have to keep stock at color/size level then I know with Master Slave I can create a Master for the product, have slaves be the color and then have an attribute which is the size. With this one, can I just have a stndard product and somehow manage the color/size/stock combination with this?
  12. ozEworks

    USPS Domestic Shipping Troubles

    Should have said cannot get ... It is in the Admin and the database configuration but not shown as an option on the site
  13. ozEworks

    USPS Domestic Shipping Troubles

    We can get First Class to display as an option. Any ideas? It is clearly in the code
  14. ozEworks

    USPS Methods Name Change Help!?!

    yes there is a contribution fixing it http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487
  15. ozEworks


    Can someone tell me what feeds this covers now? Google base, Shopping.com. Does it cover Yahoo? Any others?
  16. ozEworks

    babelfish infobox

    It is supposed to be working on http://shop.mdius.com/ Does this really work with rewritten URLs?
  17. ozEworks

    Credit Card Timeout Error Authorize.net

    Yes it is an error but one that is mainly caused by Authorize.net slow response. It does not happen all the time but it does happen. osCommerce sends the details to Authorize.net. Then it waits for a response from Authorize.net. It does not get one in time allowed e.g. 10 seconds and gives up. Then Authorize.net finally responds and osCommerce is no longer waiting. So Authorize.net waits and times out blaming it all on osCommerce for not waiting. While they blame osCommerce for not "waiting" they also know that osCommerce cannot wait doing "nothing" hence they say "do something" which is basically why they say start writing your receipt page. We are also investigating a patch to the SIM module that you are probably using (the one that comes with osCommerce). I believe that the AIM module deals with this issue but no-one has ever come out and explicitly said do. Anyway I will repost here when I find something.
  18. ozEworks

    Google Analytics module

    We 've been told that Analystics won't work with authorize.net because when you return from Authorize.net their URL is in the browser address instead of checkout_success.php. Anyone heard of that? Had that problem? I don't 100% follow the argument as we are still sending the tracking details over. Wouldn't it work provided we don't filter to only accept tracking from the domain?
  19. ozEworks

    Ups Xml Shipping Question

    Not my morning for posting... the other issue is that if you have 5 items weighing 185lbs and you set it to 150lbs. Then it will probably treat it was 2 shipments. It would not know they were going to be 5 shipments. So you probably need to go with dimensional shipping to control that if it can. Failing that, if these items are shipped on their own at all times then you have a different problem.
  20. ozEworks

    Ups Xml Shipping Question

    I posted that before I was finished. As far as I can tell, he has to set Admin Configuration Shipping/Packaging Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship to 150lbs. Nothing to do with using dimensional shipping at all. But I am curious to know if dimensional shipping on this case would come up with different UPS charges.
  21. ozEworks

    Ups Xml Shipping Question

    UPS has a limit of 150lbs per package simple as that. So what is happening is that the total weight of the order is over 150lbs and the UPS API rejects it. So what he is asking is how this will work for that scenario. What changes does he have to make to get it to treat it as mulitple shipments.
  22. ozEworks

    [Contribution] buySAFE module for osCommerce

    Buying a bond in this sense is buying "insurance" on the sale.
  23. ozEworks

    [Contribution] buySAFE module for osCommerce

    I am glad there is a topic on buySAFE here as it allows us to discuss the value of this service. There is a big push to merchants to tell them it is free but we all know nothing is free. It takes a lot of digging on the buySAFE site to find out the whole story which is mostly on the Customer pages. Because it is the customer who is paying for this service if it is actually used. To put it simply buySAFE is really about selling "insurance". In a manner of how they sell it in electronics store for extended warranty. While it might cover different events, the money is made on all those policies where no claims are made. What matters to buySAFE is that bonds are bought by our customers. That is what they want. It also matters if claims are made. That is what they don't want. I'd love to know what happens to us "free" merchants if we end up with claims. From my perspective, micro business sites such as what osCommerce supports, are unpaid advertisers for buySAFE. I would rather lose a sale than make my customers think they need such insurance.
  24. ozEworks

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Put the host name back to the orginal as someone posted in teh CRE forum switch (MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_SERVER) { case 'production': $usps_server = 'production.shippingapis.com'; $api_dll = 'shippingapi.dll'; break; case 'test': default: $usps_server = 'testing.shippingapis.com'; $api_dll = 'ShippingAPITest.dll'; break; but now all I get is An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations. If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. this is on two different servers. Can someone please clarify what the servers should be?
  25. ozEworks

    Good & Trusted Templates

    Phillip I think you are running a CRE loaded store. When you buy an osCommerce template you are buying the osCommerce code. So you are buying how well they have integrated the design. With pure MS2.2 this is usually done very very badly by the likes of Template Monster. With CRE templates you hope they used BTS. In which case you could possible copy the BTS template to your site. But I always advise about using templates as is simply because they tend to look like templates and don't give a feel for the culture of the store itself. Like osCommerce, I feel a template is a good starting point but you have to make chances to make it your own. So why not just change what you have that replace it?