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    Mastercard and Discover Card Changes for US Merchants

    I saw on a "competition" open source that Cybersource have issued a similar email but I don't have the details.
  2. ozEworks

    Mastercard and Discover Card Changes for US Merchants

    I found this link about PayPal (funny I did not even think about them when I was posting!) https://www.x.com/docs/DOC-2021 PayPal is currently implementing the ability for merchants to comply with the MasterCard/Discover partial authorization / reversal rules. More details will be posted shortly, but for an overview of the changes see http://www.merchantservices-help.com/blog/2010/03/mastercard-and-discover-announce-new-processing-rules.
  3. ozEworks

    Does anyone actualy have worldpay working 100%

    stupid question but when did they upgrade?
  4. Gatewayguy is referring to his own commercial version of the AIM module which is not what this topic is about. Since AIM is a certified Add On to osCommerce controlled by Harold (see http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5662) I am sure it will get updated in accordance with the new changes in how debit, pre-paid and gift card are to be handled for US merchants. It would be nice if Harold could confirm that. However this change is broader than Authorize.net. It effects all payment gateways some of which may not have been given the extension.
  5. Cybersource sent out this email CyberSource's SSL certification authority (CA), Entrust, is mandating the use of new, higher strength SSL certificates. To this end, CyberSource will update its production systems with these new certificates on Monday, February 22nd, 2010. If you connect to CyberSource using an API whose connection is secured by SSL then you will need to trust these new SSL certificates. The impacted connection methods are below: Simple Order API (SOAPI) SOAP Toolkit API Batch Upload API Report Download API Merchant Registration API After February 22nd, these connection methods will no longer work in production if the new SSL certificates are not trusted in your environment. If you are using an API coded for the Java programming language, please visit the following URL for instructions on how to update your certificates: http://www.cybersource.com/support/sslcert/ If you are using a different programming language then please find the 3 necessary certificates here: Root: https://www.entrust.net/downloads/binary/entrust_ssl_ca.cer First intermediate: https://www.entrust.net/downloads/binary/entrust_l1e_chain_root.cer Second intermediate: https://www.entrust.net/downloads/binary/entrust_l1e.cer Save all three to your local environment and update any keystores used by applications that connect to CyberSource. If you use Windows and do not already have these certificates installed you can import them manually into a machine's default keystore using these steps: Double click the .cer file > Install Certificate (button) > Next (button) > Next (button) > Finish (button) Thank you, CyberSource Customer Support Does anyone know what they are telling people to do?
  6. Sounds like a database problem. Go into your database and check your data is right. Sometimes you can end up with duplicate records which can confuse things. Otherwise sounds like data missing. I know at some stage (not sure it was USPS) I have had to increase field size to store content of shipping modules.
  7. Service Names are now: Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular USPS GXG Envelopes Express Mail International Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope Priority Mail International Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope First-Class Mail International Package First-Class Mail International Large Envelope
  8. You have posted different code without explaining why ... Could you please explain why you have different service names?
  9. The patch on the CRE Forum states the code should now read $this->intl_types = array('GLOBAL EXPRESS' => 'Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)', 'GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC RECT' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular', 'GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC NON-RECT' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular', 'EXPRESS MAIL INT' => 'Express Mail International', 'EXPRESS MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV' => 'Express Mail International Flat Rate Envelope', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT' => 'Priority Mail International', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE BOX' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box', 'FIRST-CLASS MAIL INT' => 'First-Class Mail International');
  10. Not everyone, including its creator, is so sure that the purchase by Oracle of SUN and hence mySQL will mean little change in terms of mySQL. Please see http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2009/12/help-keep-internet-free.html and consider signing the petition at http://www.helpmysql.org
  11. ozEworks

    PayPal Payflow Pro [New Version]

    Are you sure you have your module setup properly in Admin?
  12. ozEworks

    PayPal Payflow Pro [New Version]

    Hi Before we had a 114 (invalid CVV) get thru without an error and now we got a 104 (timeout) get thru. As far as I can see, they cannot get thru unless the code is sent back with a blank error message. Which presumably cannot happen but apparently now is. I think that the code that checks non-specific errors if ($RespMsg != '') { $payment_error_return = 'payment_error=' . $this->code . '&error=' . urldecode($RespMsg); should be changed to check the error code instead: if (($result_code != 0) { ) { $payment_error_return = 'payment_error=' . $this->code . '&error=' . urldecode($RespMsg);
  13. ozEworks

    PayPal Payflow Pro [New Version]

    I think we need an update to this module. Sounds like post September some new bugs might have arisen. The CCV2 issue and the acceptance of cards you in fact don't accept (both reported by Chaddock) are common issues I think. We are certainly getting a report of them ourselves.
  14. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    We are now getting duplicate orders. First order has no payment method or shipping and missing Country. Second has payment and shipping. Since the order is only created on checkout success, we cannot work out how 2 (sometimes 3) orders are getting created. Anyone else seen this?
  15. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    PayPal made the following annoucement to users on 13 May 2009: We’ve upgraded our Payflow gateway service with new security features to make payment processing even safer. On September 1, 2009, we’ll stop supporting your current integration. To continue processing payments after that date, you’ll need to update your Payflow integration. For a detailed explanation of what’s changing and step-by-step instructions on what to do, go to https://www.paypal.com/gatewayupdate. Please make plans to get this critical update done right away. The update will give you more security and you won’t have to worry about your payment service being interrupted in September. If you have questions, contact our support team at payflow-update@paypal.com or 1-866-877-4891, ext. 168. Their link for 3rd party solutions says We’ve added new security features to our Payflow gateway service that will make your payment processing even safer. Because of these new features, you must update the Payflow code that’s integrated into your web site. All merchants should update to Payflow Pro Software Development Kit (SDK) version 4.3 or higher, or use our direct HTTPS Interface Does anyone know anything about the implications of this?
  16. I have not used this module only the old Canada Post one. What I am trying to work out is if it is possible to write a delivery estimator. If we enter a post code we want to be able to say the earilest time the item could arrive. I know the older module has a turn around time which I thought was how soon you could ship. So does this module come back with an ETA?
  17. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    Not as far as I know
  18. ozEworks

    PayPal PayFlow Pro Upgrade

    That one's last update is 26 Oct 2008? It works for this new requirements what it is?
  19. ozEworks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    The web page says If you are not using the "onlinetools.ups.com" domain, you can find out if your system supports SSL Version 3.0 and the new type of Digital Certificate by connecting to the Customer Integration Environment (CIE) to test. Does this module call onlinetools.ups.com? I tried to look in the code and could not see it.
  20. ozEworks

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    UPS just announced changes to its tools in terms of SSL and XML. http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources...accelerate.html Will this effect this module? This is what the email annoucement said UPS OnLine® Tools Upgrade Notification You are receiving this communication to notify you of a change that could affect your UPS OnLine Tools implementation beginning July 11, 2009. Action is required to ensure that the change does not adversely impact your business and use of the tools. On July 11, 2009, UPS is updating the infrastructure for the Rate, Ship and Track UPS OnLine XML Tools. This change should not impact the existing XML interfaces, but does require testing within the Customer Integration Environment (CIE). You will need to test these changes with your system by connecting to the applicable CIE URL listed below. If you have more than one tool, each will need to be tested separately. UPS Tracking Tool: https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Track UPS Shipping Tool: (Ship Confirm) https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ShipConfirm UPS Shipping Tool: (Ship Accept) https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/ShipAccept UPS Rates and Service Selection Tool: https://wwwcie.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate Support To learn more about the changes taking place, please go to: http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources...accelerate.html.
  21. ozEworks

    CyberSource payment module

    Anyone tried to use Cybersource with AVS matching? Cybersource do what they call a "soft" decline which means they put a hold on the card so the customer looks like they will get charged but the cybersource module is returning a code that makes the site report an error message saying card declined and so of course we don't get an Order.
  22. ozEworks

    ?Peachtree CSV Export?

    Did anyone get this working with 2007 version?
  23. ozEworks

    Shipping FROM different locations?

    You need to install Multi-vendor shipping I think.
  24. ozEworks

    USPS rate increase may 12 2008

    If you compare the before and after XML code changes they provide in the detailed document, you can see changes marked in green. So there looks like there are some change to both domestic and International that perhaps we have to make. Someone who knows this API needs to advise.
  25. Got it to work with the require_once change as well