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    pdf Catalogue

    79.99E - the E usually means you have a very large number I think in the field. A bigger amount than the catagloue field can display. Not sure but check it. It should not be too hard to add the description field what is displayed. Have a look at the code ...
  2. ozEworks

    USPS shipping not working

    I got it working too by loading the USPS V2.6 Contribution and going to production. Not sure which did the trick.
  3. ozEworks

    USPS shipping not working

    It kind of ruins the whole concept when something as basic as the USPS shipping module does not work. I managed to sign up after I got the new URL. I am on test. Don't think that makes a difference. I get 2147218799 invalid country when not the US and when the US I get the cannot calculate shipping .. contact owner message. All the supposed fixes are really not addressing what the problem is. If this is working for some people then is there something on the server side that has to be set up to connect properly to the USPS server?
  4. ozEworks

    wysiwyg 1.7 install problem

    The editor updates mainpage.php. If you have one in the right directory then maybe the contents of the filename field FILENAME_DEFINE_MAINPAGE' is wrong or not declared. Look in your english.php file and make sure the filename is right.