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  1. rainbow007

    All Products = Spider Food

    Just tried to down load this contribution, get the message, not found on this server :cry: Somebody had the same problem?
  2. This mod shall show in the shopping cart how much more you need to order until shipping is free, here if the purchases is higher then ? 200.00 you will get free shipping. It shall be possible to change the amount if you change the value 200 to whatever you want. Insert into catalog/includes/languages/english.php // start cart text mod definition define('CART_TEXT1', 'you need '); define('CART_TEXT2', ' more, and shipping is free'); define('CART_TEXT2', 'Shipping is free'); // end cart text mod definition Insert into catalog/includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php //start cart text mod $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', 'text' => tep_draw_separator() ); if ($cart->show_total()< 200) { $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', 'text' => CART_TEXT1 . ' ' . $currencies->format(200-($cart->show_total())); 'text' => CART_TEXT2 . ' ); } else { $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', 'text' => CART_TEXT3 . ' ); } //end cart text mod Does anyone has an idea what I did wrong? I get the message: Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in c:apachehtdocscatalogincludesboxesshopping_cart.php on line 80 I got it working, when its hardcoded into shopping_cart.php but then I only have one language. You can see it at http://www.moddingstore.de/default.php?language=de Thanks for looking on it rainbow007
  3. Tim, thanks for your answer. If I download both are there, the German and the English descriptions and when I upload the same file without changing anything, the German descriptions and categories are gone. If I change anything, it will be only changed in the English part. I am using the snapshot from 1 Nov 2002, and the header looks like this: v_products_model v_products_image v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_name_2 v_products_description_2 v_products_price v_products_weight v_date_avail v_date_added v_products_quantity v_manufacturers_name v_categories_name_1 v_categories_name_2 v_categories_name_3 v_categories_name_4 v_categories_name_5 v_categories_name_6 v_categories_name_7 v_tax_class_title v_status EOREOR Could you please have a look, perhaps there is something wrong, but I couldn't find it yet. I have tried to change the product name and description numbers from 1,2 to 2,1 which resulted that I had the English descriptions in the German part, but no German in the English. Thanks in advance rainbow007
  4. I am using the latest version of EP and have a problem: After uploading I get the English files without any problem going, the German ones are not there. I have tried all day, made a small file with 5 items, add the language files and nothing, German won't appear. Any idea, its me stupid or is this a bug? I have set English as default and the files are sorted that way, first English, then German. When I download the file with EP from a recent back-up I get the German files, but getting them up seems impossible...... Helpless rainbow007
  5. rainbow007

    custom computer configurator

    I am sitting all day and try to get this contri running and mostly its fine. But when I take it to the cart, the sum and the article shows up, but its not going further. When checking out I only have the shipping cost left over. Any hint? you can try it here: http://www.moddingstore.de/build.php Its a life shop, so please.......
  6. Want to post your news like we do on our site? www.moddingstore.com Then let me know and I tell you the 'secrets' of it. rainbow007
  7. rainbow007

    In Catagoreis Dropdown:   

    Just have the same problem, but not all items. Quite strange as I don't know from where it comes. rainbow022 www.moddingstore.com