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  1. Help please I am having lots of problems with our online shop. Customers having problems setting up an account or opening it a second time? Order value and Paypal amount can be 1p different? New products for the month on front page has stopped adding new products? Customers leaving messages in comments box at Check out stage are not coming to us. Problems with Easy Populate (seperate issue) Can anyone help please? I had someone from the forum doing work for me but has left me with work unfinished and although I receive promise after promise for the last 2-3 months nothing gets done. Sandra
  2. Hello team I have some good news but also have questions I am still confused about Firstly the good news... I downloaded all the product data into the temp folder, loaded it into Excel and split it into 500 products (with titles) per page. I uploaded all of the 14 files they went in a treat. Thank you to both of you who kindly gave your suggestions. Now the area I am confused with 1 - Easy Populate includes the Products listings 2 - Admin includes a Backup (I presume of MySql settings) When a contribution is to be installed and it says 'BACK UP - BACKUP - BACK UP' which is it referring to. The first item, the second items, a full download of the website or all 3 Also which is the above referring to as the large file downloaded is just one back up file? Thank you Paul
  3. Hello Jack Thank you for your guidance, it all amkes sense to keep items related to their subject. I will place a question in the eara relating to backups Happy New Year Paul (for Sandra)
  4. Hello Jack_mcs A good lesson learnt In the 6898 rows of content in the products list, by sorting them I found 5 entries with no product code, thank you I am currently altering prices for the new Vat rate of 20% from midnight on 3 January. I will split the large file as Geffrey suggested and upload it. Customers will get an extra couple of pence between now and midnight on 3rd but once Vat is raised to 20% all the figures should be tidy. I am doing it now so that if something goes wrong I have time to consider the options. My only concern id the main database that won't restore due to it's size. Suggestions welcome Thank you again for yoour help Paul
  5. Hello Jack_mcs Thank you for your comments also, I am so grateful All products have a model number/code, no cells are missing But there are many duplicate items as my wifes shop has categories for 'New Products', categories for 'As Seen On TV' and the main menu categories. Some items are duplicated in the main categories and in New Products, some are in the main categoty and in As seen on TV. All duplicates, linked items, have the same code. Someone of this forum did install the EP (and many other contributions) Many of the items are incomplete, I have for three months chased getting the jobs done and each time received promises but no work. The last promise was all outstanding work would be done over Christmas but, still has npt been completed. It is very frustrating. Prior to the last 3 months this person installed contributions and was paid the agred amount immediately. Thank you again for your comments Paul
  6. Hello Greffrey Thank you for your advise Instead of downloading EP files direct and editing them I have downloaded into the temporary folder, I will alter them here and upload them back to the temporary folder before re-importing them into EP. The later option is my safety net so if Vat moves to none I can go to MySql Admin although at this stage I am not sure how to do it I am encouraged by your suggestion My only other concern is not the product list but the main backup which is currently 121,597,653 bytes and cannot be restored if I have a problem? I understand there are ways to do it through MySql Admin but again at this stage I don't know how. Thank you Paul
  7. Hi I am Paul, Sandra is my wife, I am trying to help her but my knowledge is limited. Sorry for the delay in repling we have been away for Christmas to one of our daughters and granchildren 300 mles away in Poole I have downloaded all the products in one file using Firefox, the file has 6789 rows I have tried to load this in easy populate by browsing for the file than clicking Split It saved 3 files of 300 rows and 1 file of approx 200 then cut out saying connection broken. The same happens with OX7 and Firefox? Can I take the downloaded files and create subsequent files next number on with each and each having 300 files (plus header)? |does the program upload one and automatically look for the next or do I upload each file of 300 products one by one Thank you for your help Paul
  8. Hello Geoffrey Thank you for your reply 1 - I can't see how this happened. Have you editd EP in anyway? Reply: No I have changed nothing it is as the guy installed it for me (a person off this forum) EP vers: 2.76g-MS2 osCommerce 2.2-MS2 OS: Linux HTTP: Apache/1.3.41 Ben-SSL/1.59 DB: MySQL 4.0.27-standard PHP: 4.4.9 (Zend: 1.3.0) Temp Directory: /kunden/homepages/0/d153229494/htdocs/cardcraftuk/temp/ Temp Dir is Writable Magic Quotes is: off register_globals is: on Split files on: 300 records Model Num Size: 12 Price with tax: false Calc Precision: 2 Replace quotes: false Field seperator: comma Excel safe output: true Preserve tab/cr/lf: false Category depth: 7 Enable attributes: true SEF Froogle URLS: false More Pics: false Unknown Pics: false HTC: false SPPC: false Extra Fields: false <b>2 - To change your VAT, just change the tax % in the shop admin on the day you want it to change</b> Troule is his alers everything from the net value upwards and all prices need changing e.g £8.47 net now = £9.95 including Vat at 17.5% when raised to 20% will be £10.16!!! <b>3 - BACKUP and RESTORE it is a bit difficult to say, but no doubt the back up file can be split and imported using phpmyadmin.</b> At present the backup is 120,737,284 bytes I have never done this so am unsure how to accress or use phpmyadmin to restore a file or part files Thank you Paul
  9. Hello Thank you for your comment I downloaded a category from the menu which included 62 products, I changed only the product quantities and then saved the csv file and uploaded it again. The 62 products in the file should have over written the original 62 but the list increased by around 200, items previously deleted? If also changed the Tax column from 'Taxable Goods' to '--none--' for over 2200 entries. I am at the moment altering these manually but it is taking a long time to do. I need to change the Vat rate for all products listed 5000+ but need to know two things 1 - can I download and alter all 5000 items and upload them with out problems or without stock increasing 2 - how do I restore a large file if I experience problems Paul