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  1. JohnnyC1951

    I have made an offline bulk Thumbnailer

    That is a general purpose thumbnailer that resizes thumbnails in a very similar way. This one is a specialized one for cart systems: 1/ Easy Thumbnails does not automatically generate the sets of three thumbnails in one pass. 2/ Easy Thumbnails does not make the thumbnails with the correct file names for direct upload into cart systems. One would have to cange all the filenames by hand before use - a bit of a bind on Cart System with thousands of images. :(
  2. JohnnyC1951

    I have made an offline bulk Thumbnailer

    >> When trying to install , I was given the message "Setup can not continue because some system files are out of date. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files now...etc." This mesage is generated bythe Microsoft installer when it tries to update the VBruntime files. My part of the install has not even started yet. We tried installing on 3 more system over the weekend - installed without incident. In the install dialog it says 'shut down any other programs'. The reason for this is that if any other program is using files that the installer needs to update - it cannot do it. It would appear that you may have programs running that stop the install - probably lurking in the system tray.
  3. JohnnyC1951

    I have made an offline bulk Thumbnailer

    It Sounds like that is the VB6 Runtime Files that cannot be installed. Thanks for the feed back - I will try it on some other machines. I found some programs that made thumbnails.... but I could not find one that would make them in sets of 3 and with the osc/crecart/zen/open realty namimg conventions.
  4. Hi All I have made a bulk thumbnailer that runs on a PC and intend to get back some of my midnight oil, by charging a modest few bucks for it. Its very, very fast and automatically produces sets of up to three different sized thumbnail sets which are suitable for most/all of the thumbnail contribs. It produces high quality enhanced thumbnails even from quite iffy photos. There is a link to a 7 day working version below. Background... I made it because I came across a customer who had been using an OSCcontrib and had hundreds and hundreds of poor, blurry and inconsistantly bright & contrasted thumbnails in his system. I had a look at what thumbs were being produced and wrote the program. I then downloaded his original images and in just a few minutes the program had rebuilt all the thumnails. So I uploaded it and the customer was absolutely delighted. :thumbsup: It seems pretty stable and has been in use for a couple of months. So........ I could use up to five testers who will get a fully working final version of it. All I need is a few tests and a bit of written and helpful feedback. Any Takers? It is here: http://www.inland-computing.com/Downloads.htm
  5. JohnnyC1951

    HTML template for the BTS

    Hi I have a new install of OS and installed the BTS - which works great. I installed the HTML for BTS but all that is rendered is a coloured bar and the actual tags themselves - not the contents of the tags. What have I missed please? :blink: