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  1. Hi Chris, YES! We'll mark this one solved. I still have a couple of minor database artifacts, such as three "Textboxes" in the Configuration menu, but the subcategory text appears where it should. If you were here, I'd offer you a glass of Gentleman Jack to augment your spirits. Thanks again, Steve
  2. Hi Chris, For several reasons, including my own education, I'd like to try fixing what I have. Any guidance or direction is appreciated. Thanks again, Steve
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. Let me attempt to provide more information. 'DISPLAY_TRUNC_CHAR' does not appear in the file. The table extra_cat_info contains fields categories_id and categories_description, and no others. It's entirely possible, Chris. I have certainly done more stupid things in my life. Seriously, I did have both versions of the sql file downloaded, and it's possible that I ran the wrong one. :-" Again, many thanks! Cheers, Steve
  4. I hope that someone can help with a problem with my installation of subcategory textboxes. When I click "Subcategory textbox" under "Catalog", I get the error message: Subcategory textbox Subcategory ID Subcategory Name ContentsDISPLAY_TRUNC_CHAR Action 1054 - Unknown column 'extra_cat_info.language_id' in 'where clause' select count(*) as total from extra_cat_info LEFT JOIN categories_description USING (categories_id) where extra_cat_info.language_id=categories_description.language_id and extra_cat_info.language_id=1 [TEP STOP] A perhaps irrelevant aside: "Subcategory text preview length" and "Display Subcategory textboxes" appear twice under "My Store." subcategory_textboxes.sql ran without error. I can't readily identify the version of MySQL, but it's GoDaddy's current version. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Steve :'(