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    Second Address line working ?

    I dig that thread out cause I have sort of the same problem... My 2nd line address shows everywhere BUT in the admin/order.php and invoice/packing slip if the custoemr choose PAYPAL as paying method.. my second payment method is EU bank transfer and this works fine! anyone faced the same issue?
  2. Burntheweb

    [Contribution] Pollbooth v2.0

    so far I didnt look into it.. I'm thinking about commenting the comment code so it disappear...
  3. Burntheweb

    Fix for paypal payment received without order in OSC

    For what I know, it works for people using the paypal module. That means it doesnt process differently depending on using a paypal account or using the credit card option. (As appli said, the original bug mostly happened when you didnt have a paypal account) @sabrina: BTW, did you test the Recover missing order info from DB contrib? I'd like to know which one is the easiest to install ;)
  4. Burntheweb

    Fix for paypal payment received without order in OSC

    What do you mean finding the order that was lost in OSC? If you use th eOSC standard paypal module, you receive payment but you dont get an order in OSC, so the order is not lost it's simply not created
  5. This is the official thread for the contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5199 Working on OS Commerce imposes a comeback to shop on "catalog/process.php" in order to send mail so as to add in database the order. And it's here that the problem appears: This comeback is not automatic and even if it will be modified at the Paypal account level (preferences/reception payments preferences on website: automatic returns on), the feedback doesn't work if your client do not use a Paypal account to pay. If he wants to pay with a credit card, Paypal show a link to comeback and he ha to do this step himself.Unfortunately, many people shutdown after there payments without doing this. As a result, you have neither mail nor order in the administration part. You just have a mail from Paypal to inform you about the payment of the order. But you haven't got the details of the order. So what the client wants? What have you sold? How to manage this in your administration part? Many solutions exist but they add charts in the base and require a SSL connexion or cURL enable on your server which is not always possible... At the end, we have orders that can not be managed through the classical administration. You need to contact the people who send you payment etc... To solve this problem, you need to force a php process before the Paypal payment. For a Paypal payment or a credit card payment, a process is forced just before the access of Paypal pages. That is to say, just before the entrance of the client in secure pages, a mail is send; the order is recorded in the administration. Thus, you can what you do usually with "classical" order. And if your client does not pay you can contact him to say that is order is not finished... With is contribution, you have a 5 minute work to fix the problem!!!
  6. Burntheweb

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    There is an alternative to the IPN process for those who, like me, cannot have a SSL connexion or have cURL enabled on their servers. This contribution made by appli can be found here What it does is creating a 2nd confirmation page. When you click the first time on "confirm order", the order will be added to the database, and when click the 2nd time, you're then directed to the Paypal server to make the payment... I actually was looking for something like that for so long!! It needs some improvement, but it works! And if you have other payment method (I have also bank transfer), the 2nd checking confirmation page will not show up. I thought it was a good idea to post it in this topic as I see so many people struggling to have IPN works...
  7. Burntheweb

    [Contribution] Pollbooth v2.0

    A few weeks ago I had reported this - BUG: whether comments are disable or not, I can still comment the poll. I have to say I had no time to dig into this.. did someone solve this little bug? Cheers!
  8. Hi! We're over the first year using OS commerce. My financial department is asking me the following report: I’ll need an overview of sales per article, amount as well as number. Your monthly overview distinguishes between tax-non tax, the one I get should also. I’ll also need a report on outstanding payments, meaning: all sales already registered but not yet paid. For the monthly overview and outstanding payment, I've used the Monthly Sales & Tax Report . However, is there a report that shows per article amount sold, amount of incomes, non taxed sales and taxes sale? Thanks for the help!!
  9. Burntheweb

    [Contribution] Pollbooth v2.0

    I've just set up this contribution which is the best way to make easy survey. However there are a few things that I wish to modify or that are not working properly: - BUG: whether comments are disable or not, I can still comment the poll. - modification: in the poll box, instead of having a full poll, I would like to only have the question. If peopel wants to cast a vote they would click on it and would see the options available. - modification: possibility to have the result shown to visitors or once visitor cast its vote redirected to a page saying "thanks for your vote" or something. - modification: prevent non registered people to cast a vote. I hope someone will be able to give me a clue me about these points! :)
  10. Burntheweb

    Paypay: Money Coming In But No Orders Coming Through

    Is there anyone who tried that contribution? I can't use the Paypal IPN cause I dont have a cURL or SSL... (it would be the safest solution I think)... I'd liek to know if there is no flaw in the "retour paypal" fix
  11. Burntheweb

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    I've just installed that contrib and I find it way too developed.... my shop is selling band's goods and doesn't has to replace the official website. summary - instead of a specific field it could a SQL request to take the 100 first character followed by "..." by example categories - just want to have some news, do news of a shop have categories reviews of news - it's a shop not a band website ;) sticky - a bit double use with the intro text you can type on the index.php language page. would be good if for such a large contrib, there would be a better manual of how to use it.. cause I only implement the adds on, I let other people use them... and it has to be as simple as possible ;)
  12. Burntheweb

    FAQ system contribution

    just installed the 3.0 version and this is working fine! I really love that contrib!! will be really helpful! Chers for that to the creators!
  13. Burntheweb

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hmmm I received the IPN invalid process email.. just came later... here it is
  14. Burntheweb

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Well, I just upgraded the contrib with the 2.3 version... and this is getting nuts... using the TESTING site for paypal: - the order is processed is OSC - while being redirected to Paypal's payment site I get this message "The classification of the value for processing the link with which you have obtained to the payPal system is incorrect." and I can't go further in the payment process... Then to check, I did a LIVE test - Once again, payment with paypal was done without a problem, I received both notification as customer and shop manager that this was paid. - Order is processed in OSC but no order confirm is sent out - no paypal IPN invalid process messages received... Apparently, at least there is the improvement that there is no IPN invalid process.. but I still don't get why no order confirmation is sent out... I'm getting lost here... I did follow the removal/install process step by step... :'(
  15. Burntheweb

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I keep fighting with this issue and I'm going getting any further... if someone can give me a hand on this I would really appreciate! And I think I'm not the only one who would be glad!! Please help!