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  1. That's probably the best way to do it. osCommerce has a restore function, but if given a choice I would do it through phpMyAdmin. Note that you will lose any changes made after your backup was made. I hope this wasn't a live shop. Regards Jim
  2. @allaboutwicker I advise you to not modify the database directly unless you have a very complete understanding of the osCommerce database architecture. Instead of modifying the database, you should be creating your zones in your store's Admin and then populating those zones with the correct states. This is much less dangerous than modifying the database like you are trying to do. I hope that you have a backup of your database without these changes that you can restore to. Regards Jim
  3. I've seen that before. It means that the database connection limit is set too low, or the site is getting an unusually high number of visitors. Possibly both. Regards Jim
  4. Transparency is the hallmark of the most successful Open Source projects. Hiding the dirty laundry results in confusion and distrust, and ultimately damages the project, often beyond repair. Please consider this as a positive plea to improve osCommerce. Regards Jim
  5. I'm not certain what you are asking here. Do you want to have a module in the page body on every page? That can be done if the page is modular -- just copy the module files over to the corresponding directory for that page and install in the Admin. Unfortunately is very obsolete and not very modular, so you would have to make a lot of changes first. I suggest updating to 2.3.4 Responsive, which will greatly improve your store and allow for more changes like this. Also, PHP 5.5.x is obsolete and dangerous to run. You should be on 5.6.x and preparing to move to 7.x. Regards Jim
  6. Sorry, but I just can't remember what it did. I remember checking that it worked correctly at several different sizes, but that's all. I don't have one set up to test right now, so I can't even go take a look. Regards Jim
  7. I believe that the carousel used to resize itself when the screen was resized. I have no idea why it would not do that. Unfortunately I don't have much time to look at these things right now. You should be able to target the images with some CSS to add a border. Yes, the structure is different from other carousels. There are about a thousand different ways to make a carousel, so chances are good that any two will differ. Regards Jim
  8. @joe122joe You're right, the class should be updating that field. Thanks for the bug report. I'll add this as soon as I get some time. Regards Jim
  9. While each() is tolerant of non-array types, foreach() will throw an error if you feed it anything that is not an array. In cases where this can happen, you need to either test that the value passed to foreach() is an array, or explicitly declare it as an array. Regards Jim
  10. Was the cost of the items in your cart over 7000? That's the highest value your shipping table is set to handle, so anything over that will not get a quote. Regards Jim
  11. Do you have the Colorbox Header Tag module installed? Colorbox is the script that handles the large images on the Product Info page. Information on installed modules is stored in the database, so that installation would be lost if you switched databases. Regards Jim
  12. It was written for a version of Edge that is now about a year old, so it doesn't exactly match the current Edge. Do you have the Compatibility Addon installed? If not, do that first. If you are still seeing a blank page, take a look at your PHP error log. A completely blank page is usually caused by an error that will show up in the log. Regards Jim
  13. Did you install any modules? The page is blank if there is nothing to show. Regards Jim
  14. Those colors are all set by the Bootstrap Theme. For information on the theme I suggest you read the instructions for the Bootstrap version of Theme Switcher. It's also a quick way to test out different themes. Since this discussion has nothing to do with the Modular Front Page Addon, please ask any further questions in the general forum. Regards Jim
  15. I don't see FILENAME_STORE_LOGO anywhere in my copy or in the code for store_logo.php on Github. The redirect link in that file is: tep_redirect(tep_href_link('store_logo.php')); which has the filename spelled out, not the older constant value. So either you've changed something or something really odd is happening. Maybe your server is haunted with the spirit of v1.3.4? Regards Jim