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  1. It was written for a version of Edge that is now about a year old, so it doesn't exactly match the current Edge. Do you have the Compatibility Addon installed? If not, do that first. If you are still seeing a blank page, take a look at your PHP error log. A completely blank page is usually caused by an error that will show up in the log. Regards Jim
  2. Did you install any modules? The page is blank if there is nothing to show. Regards Jim
  3. Those colors are all set by the Bootstrap Theme. For information on the theme I suggest you read the instructions for the Bootstrap version of Theme Switcher. It's also a quick way to test out different themes. Since this discussion has nothing to do with the Modular Front Page Addon, please ask any further questions in the general forum. Regards Jim
  4. I don't see FILENAME_STORE_LOGO anywhere in my copy or in the code for store_logo.php on Github. The redirect link in that file is: tep_redirect(tep_href_link('store_logo.php')); which has the filename spelled out, not the older constant value. So either you've changed something or something really odd is happening. Maybe your server is haunted with the spirit of v1.3.4? Regards Jim
  5. If anyone is interested, here's the latest USPS Release Notes. However, the real gem in this one was in the email from the USPS: I was going to say something snarky about that, but I can't come up with anything that tops that quote, so I'll let it speak for itself. Regards Jim
  6. I don't see that in my copy. Maybe something you have added has introduced it. In that case, the easiest solution is to install the Compatibility Addon. Install it in the Admin as well as the Catalog side. Regards Jim
  7. #1: It looks like your database could be damaged. Use your host's database tool to look at the categories_description table. Does that table contain a field named categories_description? If it does, that SQL will probably need to be rewritten to meet modern standards. #2: I believe that there is a Superfish module for the header. Go take a look through the Addons section. #3: Look at the source of the page in your browser. What is the image filename and path for the logo. Is it correct? Regards Jim PS: No, I didn't forget to close a bold tag. This editor is seriously broken. I'm really really hating this forum software.
  8. Did you assign any banners to the module? The module won't show up if there is nothing to show. You can change the type of banner transition with the Easing setting in the module Admin. All of this is covered in the instructions. Please go read them. Regards Jim
  9. I've installed it on an early version of Edge, pretty much as in the post before yours. This was over a year ago, so there are probably more changes now. You'll need the compatibility addon at the very least. Regards Jim
  10. Only the Header and Footer Content modules fit the entire width of the page. I seem to recall a Content module for the Header that is similar to this one. If you can't find one, you can probably modify this one to work in the header, but it will take a bit of work. Regards Jim
  11. In the latest version of Edge that I have, the master navbar module is includes/modules/content/navigation/cm_navbar.php and its template includes/modules/content/navigation/templates/navbar.php, and the sub-modules are in includes/modules/navbar_modules/ and the templates in includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates/. If your version is not arranged this way then I can't help. We've gone off topic here anyway, so please continue this discussion in a new thread in the general forum. Regards Jim
  12. Try global $is_cont48, $shipping_weight, $subtotal Regards Jim
  13. You can force the issue using floatval( $shipping_weight ) < floatval( 0.8125 ) If that doesn't help, the problem is somewhere else. Regards Jim
  14. Each part of the header is a sub-module that is called from the header module (cm_navbar.php). You can change the order of each of the parts in the sub-module settings. If you need more than that, examine the HTML that is generated by the modules using the Inspect tool in Firefox, Chromium, etc. That should give you the CSS being used and the class/id to target new CSS. Regards Jim
  15. This code $shipping_weight < '.8125' is doing a text comparison. The result of that is probably not what you want. Try using this instead $shipping_weight < 0.8125 to make it do the comparison as a float. Yes, you need to declare an external value as a global to use it inside the class. Regards Jim