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  1. The problem here is your host's attempt to fix something that they knew nothing about. You first need to undo that "fix". Delete or rename that .htaccess file that your host added. That is breaking your osCommerce install. Next, your eBay problem is caused by code on eBay, not osCommerce. You have added image links in your auctions that start with "http:". Ebay has changed their auctions to run strictly SSL, so that won't work. You need to change all of those image links to "https:". That will fix the images without breaking your osC store. Once you have all of that done, consider updating your osCommerce install. OsCommerce 2.2RC2 is hopelessly outdated and insecure. You are running a big risk using ancient software that is vulnerable to hacking. Regards Jim
  2. Did you install the Compatibility Addon? That's needed to make most Addons work with the current version of Edge. Regards Jim
  3. It should run on any version from 2.2MS2 up. You're more likely to have problems with the server version and settings than with the osCommerce version. Regards Jim
  4. Thanks for the code. I'd love to go play with this, but I'm buried in work right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks.... Regards Jim
  5. @peterpil19 Please post your fix for the benefit of others with the same problem. Regards Jim
  6. It sounds like your store is not installed in the root of your site. You need to change the path on line 17 of review_mail.php to reflect the actual path to your store's root. Regards Jim
  7. Look in the docs folder in your osCommerce download for the documentation.pdf file. If you're using the community Gold or Edge releases, I don't believe those have instructions, but you can use the PDF from the osC release. It won't be exact, but it's mostly the same. Regards Jim
  8. No, but you can patch the files and make it work. Regards Jim
  9. @Demitry OsCommerce does not use the PHP session handler, so the session settings in your php.ini should have no effect. There may be a setting somewhere in there that affects the osC internal session code, but I'm not aware of any. Regards Jim
  10. Plain old osCommerce 2.3.x will do the same thing -- just click the Add Large Image link under the image upload button for the main images. You can do this twice to add both of your images. You might want to read the instructions that come with every official copy of osCommerce. That will answer a lot of these questions, and you may even learn other things of value. Regqards Jim
  11. This module has a long history, so some parts of it may not make sense. Basically, the 2.3.x.x files match those found in osC 2.3.1, 2.3.2, etc, while the 2.3.4 files are specific to 2.3.4. Probably none of those match anything in oscMax so you're going to have to patch your files. I suggest the use of a good file comparison program. The Admin file change is needed to make the installer store the database entries correctly. It's used in several modules, so that change may already be in your package. Check to make certain. The catalog side changes were needed to make the module results display correctly in older versions of osC. Check that those patches match your code. This is more likely where your problem lies. Regards Jim
  12. Are you using this version of the module: If so, the only change needed would be the name change that you've already done. The rest of the services should work even without that change. I don't remember ever seeing dashes in place of the service names, which made me think it's some external problem. The list of services you posted seems to match the latest version that I have. I think the problem is elsewhere. Sorry I'm not being much help. Regards Jim
  13. While oscMax started out as a fork of osCommerce, it has deviated quite a bit from that point. Since this module works in osCommerce, the most likely explanation is that something in the oscMax codebase is interfering. Sorry, but I'm not enough of an expert on that code to know where to look. Regards Jim
  14. @burt I'm sorry to hear that. I haven't done nearly as much as you have, but osCommerce has been a part of my life for over 14 years, and it hurts to see it die. Thanks again for all of the hard work you put into trying to save it. Regards Jim
  15. You have a broken module in /includes/modules/payment/, or you have a file that is not a module. It's probably the one after chronopay.php. Remove that file and try again. Regards Jim