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  1. Does anyone know how to make the checkout_shipping.php page default to a particular shipping method?
  2. I've noticed a serious bug in Easy Populate. I'm running version EasyPopulate 2.71-MS2 en : English(1) and whenever you upload a product with a certain category if you choose to change that products category later on, the old record in the products_to_categories table remains and EP simply adds a new record into the DB leaving the old one intact. Then when you download a newer version of your EP file the product that was moved shows the number of times the product was moved. I.E. the number of different categories the product fell under. Are newer versions taking care of this? Should I grab a newer version?
  3. tomhole

    P To C Easy Populate Bug

    has anyone noticed this problem?
  4. tomhole

    Specifying credit card types

    Actually I've begun to write my own contrib for his and now I really only need to know if I can call the tep_db_query/tep_db_fetch_array functions from within includes/classes/cc_validation.php (im adding this to a live site so i cant really test that out).
  5. tomhole

    Specifying credit card types

    I'm having a similar dilemma. My client doesn't do live transactions (they just export credit card info at the end of the day) and they need a way to turn on and off the acceptance of certain credit card types. Is there a contrib to cc_validation.php that can do this? Yeah I could go into cc_validation.php and comment out which ones they don't want but I don't want them coming to me later on when they want to accept those that have been commented out. In short I have a vague idea of how to limit which types are accepted but I'd like to know if there's a contrib out there that does this or if one of the gurus out there, mibble, anyone has an idea on what the best way to go about doing this would be. thanks.
  6. tomhole

    ThumbNails and WaterMarks OnTheFly

    I've written a similar script to create thumbnails but the php functions imagecreatetruecolor and such seem to crap out with images that have a fourth alpha channel. I've been reading other forums and there doesn't seem to be a php work around. Has anyone noticed this problem? Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  7. tomhole

    Defaultly Checked Shipping Method

    Anyone? This feature seems like it could be very useful for a client. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?
  8. tomhole

    Defaultly Checked Shipping Method

    Does anyone know how I could give my customers the ability to manually set a default shipping method and not have the system just defaultly choose the cheapest?
  9. tomhole

    Defaultly Checked Shipping Method

    please, anyone?
  10. tomhole

    easy populate error

  11. tomhole

    Shipping Methods are displaying wrong info

    problem solved. since im displaying the shipping options in create_account.php i had to add these lines before I got all my shipping quotes. // weight and count needed for shipping ! $total_weight = $cart->show_weight(); $total_count = $cart->count_contents(); and that did the trick
  12. does anyone have the shipping calculator installed and working correctly? i need to be able to display the shipping prices that the calculator displays in my checkout process (checkout_shipping.php). As of now, the shipping calc displays what the total price of shipping would be based on the weight of all the items in the cart. But, in my checkout process, the shipping prices fall back to some default value (and stays that way no matter how many items are added into the cart). Yet when a customer reaches the final checkout confirmation page, the shipping cost is displayed with the correct value. I don't want to mislead my customers so can someone point me in the right direction! The site went live this morning!
  13. Is there a contribution out there that allows the owner of a store to change a particular order's shipping method in the admin area? The more I think about it, the more valuable this option seems. Anyone know?
  14. tomhole

    easy populate error

    Basically, i need to know where EP ends, that's all. I need to execute one simple function when EP finishes. Thanks in advance.
  15. tomhole

    easy populate error

    Hey mibble, I'd like to reset my categories cache after uploading all my products from EP? Where in EP can I do this (I.E. where does EP stop doing it's thing).
  16. I'm having a minor problem with this discount coupons addon. All I need to be able to do is create a discount coupon, email this coupon to one or multiple customers and then allow this customer to redeem this coupon at checkout time. As of now, I have only the discount coupon module installed and configured and in checkout payment I see a text box to enter a coupon, but on the confirmation page the discount coupon doesn't show up. Why is that? Shouldn't it be counted as an order_total_module? What gives?
  17. I've got this contrib installed but does anyone know why the checkbox refuses to show up checkout_payment.php I've changed the sort order to 740 for Discount Coupons and 760 for Gift Vouchers but that didn't work. I feel like an idiot for not being able to figure this out. it seems so simple! -tom
  18. OK I just came up with a super ghetto hack fix for this, sorta. Since payment modules and order_total modules are two separate things (and I'm not exactly sure how they interact with each other as of yet) so here goes. in checkout_confirmation.php find this code: if (is_array($payment_modules->modules)) { if ($confirmation = $payment_modules->confirmation()) { echo '<table cellspacing="0">'; echo '<tr><td>' . $confirmation['title'] . '</td></tr>'; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($confirmation['fields']); $i<$n; $i++) { echo '<tr><td><strong>' . $confirmation['fields'][$i]['title'] . '</strong></td>'; echo '<td>' . $confirmation['fields'][$i]['field'] . '</td></tr>'; } echo '</table>'; } } and change it to this if (is_array($payment_modules->modules)) { if ($confirmation = $payment_modules->confirmation()) { echo '<table cellspacing="0">'; echo '<tr><td>' . $confirmation['title'] . '</td></tr>'; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($confirmation['fields']); $i<$n; $i++) { echo '<tr><td><strong>' . $confirmation['fields'][$i]['title'] . '</strong></td>'; echo '<td>' . $confirmation['fields'][$i]['field'] . '</td></tr>'; } echo '</table>'; } else { echo '<strong>Payment Method:</strong> Discount Coupon or Gift Voucher'; } } :) told you it was ghetto, OK so now to fix the payment method not being set in checkout_process.php i did this right before the huge $sql_data_array array. if($order->info['payment_method'] == "") $order->info['payment_method'] = "Discount Coupon or Gift Voucher"; i hope this helps someone....i really only plan on using this as a temp bandaid until i can figure something else out.
  19. mark, i don't think any gvs have the same ID. and let me clarify my problem. if a user plans on paying for something using ONLY a discount coupon no payment method shows up at checkout confirmation time and no payment_method shows up in the payment_method field in the orders table. ;) weird. has this happened to anyone? ill keep searching this thread.
  20. I'm having a little problem with this contrib. When I purchase something with a coupon, the payment method field ends up being blank after the purchase has been made. Something tells me this ain't right. Has this happened to anyone else?
  21. is there an option in EP to set all prods not in the currently uploaded file to inactive?
  22. there definitely needs to be a "rebuild" option built into EP so a user can check a box and all products that are not in the newly uploaded file are axed. i tried to do something like this but haven't tested it out yet (i don't want to destroy my DB). anyways, it sounds like this feature is being asked for quite a bit and should probably be added in in the future.
  23. tomhole

    Shipping Method Drop Down menu

    i've been asking about this for a while now and no one seems to know. all i got to work was a dropdown with the shipping methods in them. other than that, i couldn't get it to work.
  24. tomhole

    Admin Access With Levels Problem

    *bump* again, still no one?
  25. I'm having a problem with the contribution Admin Access With Levels. When I try to change the permissions for a group, the changes don't take place. I've installed the contrib perfectly so I'm lost as to why, when I make permission changes to specific groups they aren't taking hold. Has anyone else noticed this problem?