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  1. Spaceboy

    SEO Assistant

    Any update of this contribution with - working Google position ? - My shared server does not have "curl" installed . This is not available by default so is there another method in php instead of using the curl api ? Thanks. Didier.
  2. Hi Robert, Google sitemaps has showed some redirect errors (404) with some links. After a couple of hours of searching, I discovered that your contribution could have a conception problem. Let me explain... As I have a french shop, a lot of "a" are present in the name of products, articles, etc URL's (like "à la carte"). The Ulti. SEO contrib changes this link into "-a-123.html". Now in your function tep_validate_seo_urls(), you are searching for the presence of "-a-" in the URL string. If found, you are redirecting to the article_info page and not to the product_info page for example. Is it not safer to check like the rewriterules do ? (.*)-a-([0-9]+).html instead of strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '-a-') Example of 404 error with this link : http://[hidden]/catalog/sur-mesure-a-la-carte-fc-4.html. This should display a faqdesk category (fc-4) and not looking for an article_info (-a-) with ID 4. I get a 404 for this link. What do you think ? Possible to improve ? Other wise great contrib that does a good job by validating the SEO URLs...
  3. I have added the validation for the 4 faqdesk urls. Here are the 4 lines to add in general.php, fct. tep_validate_seo_urls() : ( strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '-fc-') ? ($querytype = 'filename_faqdesk_index-faqPath=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['faqPath']) : ( strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '-f-') ? ($querytype = 'filename_faqdesk_info-faqdesk_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['faqdesk_id']) : ( strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '-fri-') ? ($querytype = 'filename_faqdesk_reviews_info-faqdesk_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['faqdesk_id']) : ( strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '-fra-') ? ($querytype = 'filename_faqdesk_reviews_article-faqdesk_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['faqdesk_id']) : You'll have to add 4 extra ")" to the line below..you get the picture. Otherwise the latest version of this contrib works fine with USU 2.5 that is based on 2.1d. Cool & thanks !
  4. Spaceboy

    Order Alert

  5. This is the solution : function four_o_four_die() { // 404 then redirect doesn't work as Google records a 302 so we need to die here with a 404 echo header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found") . include(HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG . 'http_error.php?error_id=404'); exit; } for example if you have a customised http error page. Didier.
  6. Use a diff program like Winmerge to compare this contrib files with your files. Much better than copying files from a distribution package to your folders. You are of course encouraged to fix this database_tables.php file and publish a new version of this contribution.
  7. Elli, I guess it has more to do with a wrong table, tr or td tag somewhere. As I added this piece of software to this contribution, I'm aware of a bug in Firefox where the box extends once you have reached the maximum string size. But this is not your bug. Did you check with FF mod HTML Validator to check your html code ?
  8. php version should not make any difference. Do you errors in your application server (eg apache) for example ? Any change in the php settings : registers global, etc. ?
  9. This is my piece of code in the page where you want to upload the files (I have it my checkout_shipping page). if ($customer_id) { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED . " (sesskey, customers_id, files_uploaded_name) values('" . tep_session_id() . "', '" . $customer_id . "', '" . tep_db_input($products_file->filename) . "')"); } else { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED . " (sesskey, files_uploaded_name) values('" . tep_session_id() . "', '" . tep_db_input($products_file->filename) . "')"); } $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id(); // create filename : unique id + filename $products_file->set_filename("$insert_id" . '_' . $products_file->filename); The last line gives you almost a unique filename : ID_filename. The customer can upload two different files with the same name... For the admin side I do not know as I'm not using the product attributes to upload files but extra options in the checkout process. I have used this contribution as a basis for my development.
  10. Did you check in the database whats stored for that product ? You can also debug the product_info.php page so see why you display the wrong display method. it works fine so you must have wrongly installed or you have a side effect due to another contribution. We cannot do more..it's up to you to understand the php code. It's not so difficult. Didier.
  11. Spaceboy

    Payment Type Charge

    Added new version 1.8 to this contribution with the following changelog : - Dropped configuration entry for "MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_AMOUNT" as this is not used anymore. - Added possibility to display to extra fee charge in the checkout_payment.php page. Attention, it will only display the extra amount and not the percentage. You can display the extra percentage by changing function "get_payment_cost". This is not included in this contribution but it's should be easy to do. - dropped Dutch order total file from package as it is impossible to maintain 2 code files (EN + NL). Only the language file can be translated but not the classes and methods. In order to respect the work done by Ralph in v1.7, you can find the dutch configuration entries below. You can replace the English keys by the Dutch ones. Files impacted : module ot_fixed_payment_chg.php, class payment.php, page checkout_payment.php You can find it here : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,251
  12. Spaceboy

    Payment Type Charge

    Still working on this contribution. Did someone has been able to display the extra charge in the checkout_payment page ? I used some parts from another contribution "payment method fee" but I cannot get it too work for one than more payment method. It is well displayed for the first method but not for the second. I added some code in the class "payment.php" (function selection) and added a new function "get_payment_cost". Someone succeeded here so we can share ?
  13. Spaceboy

    Payment Type Charge

    The text description for each payment type cannot be localised as it is stored in the configuration table. I did a quick change in 2 files and now in the checkout_confirmation page, the label as order total can be localised. Add this line to ../languages/.../modules/order_total/ot_fixed_payment_chg.php : define('MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE_DESCRIPTION', 'moneyorder:Fee for Money Order,cod:Fee for Cash on Delivery'); This can of course be done for each language and must be adapted to your payment methods. Also, in the class file .../includes/modules/order_total/ot_fixed_payment_chg.php, drop the 2 lines that inserts the label 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE_DESCRIPTION' in the configuration table. You can also change the function "keys" not to insert this one. Change to code like this : function keys() { // return array('MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_STATUS', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_SORT_ORDER', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE_DESCRIPTION', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TAX_CLASS'); return array('MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_STATUS', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_SORT_ORDER', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TAX_CLASS'); } //tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Payment Type Description', 'MODULE_FIXED_PAYMENT_CHG_TYPE_DESCRIPTION', 'moneyorder:Fee for Money Order,cod:Fee for Cash on Delivery', 'Description for each payment type.', '6', '3', now())"); This should work :thumbsup:
  14. Spaceboy

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    This contrib is nice with an admin plugin, but it only generates sitemaps for categories & products. The original contribution from Chemo has more features. It can be run by cron but I think you must have the SEO urls installed. This contrib is simple and works fine...
  15. Spaceboy

    Google XML Sitemap w/ Admin support

    Other people also had this problem but I used the contribution out-of-the-box and I got no problem at all with "/". Works in XP-Apache and Linux.