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  1. upcomtech

    livechat from who's online

    I did this 2 years ago on my live store using a program by 'craftysyntax.com'. It integrated quite well into V2.21r and could be turned off and on by chat operator. It displays a "contact us" link when chat is turned off. I didn't install it when I upped to V2.3.1 since it was a potential threat after a major hack (3 to be exact), even though there was no evidence it was involved, in the paranoic atmosphere after/during a hack, I disabled everything I thought 'could' be a threat. You can check it out at http://www.craftysyntax.com and you can e-mail me if you want some installation pointers. I still have all the V2.2.1 files and could re-employ in on my local machine WAMP server. Don
  2. upcomtech

    Database Synchronizer

    I am seeking an Add-on to monitor customer originated changes in an on-line V2.3.1 database and format the changes into valid Msql queries and e-mail then to me so I can run the queries on my local machine copy of my store. I am running a WAMP server as a development base so I maintain identical sites on my remote and local servers. I am doing significant product development with a dodgy Internet Provider. Sometimes there sometimes not. Since the store is Live, changes to the online database, while the file is changing on my local machine, conflict. I have already manually added a new customers details before I uploaded and restored a large change since the customer registration occurred while I had the file and would have been lost during restore. I would like to receive e-mailed queries which I can run in PhpMyAdmin to update the local database with the online changes. Anybody gone down this path yet? (Usually when I get an idea, someone has already been developing it for several years. My search turned up nothing. I have mysql and php skills (sort of) Any direction on how to go about designing such a beast would be appreciated. Or even better if one already exists. Thanks Don
  3. Somehow, somewhere I changed something, and Easypopulate no longer updates the Product Attributes on import. It worked ok, but I was looking to include download filenames in the Easypopulate transfers and apparently changed something. The product attributes are there on export. When I clear the newly added products by restoring my db backup,(pre-import) then import the unchanged export file (which had the newly added products) the products show up in the products list, and in the drop down list in product attributes, but no longer appear as attributed products. Could someone with a bit of understanding for the logic flow of EP give me some guidelines ? Or point me to the place to search? FWIW I installed to a folder called /store/ instead of /catalog/ I had to do some tweaking to get all the modules working right which they do but I think some of that tweaking brought me to this. I searched for all files modified during the 24 hours involved and checked each one carefully, I also restored the original files (which I had backed up) and retested but to no avail. I did some 'tracking' of logic flow in easypopulate.php's import/update section but couldn't find anywhere that looked like it was not working. Thanks Don